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Trivia / Laid-Back Camp

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  • Bonus Material: "Room Camp," a series of two-page comedy one-shots about the Outdoor Activities Club's shenanigans during club meetings, began from the third manga volume. This is later used as the title of similar-themed The Stinger segments in the anime.
  • Completely Different Title: French title is Au Grand Air ("In the Great Outdoors").
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Comfy Camp"
    • "Cinnamon Bun" and "Girl Kirby" for Nadeshiko.
  • The Red Stapler:
    • The show became an unpaid advertisement for camping around Mt. Fuji. Indeed, since the show began, there has been a tripling of camping attendees in early 2018 around the mountain.
    • Advertisement:
    • Not only that, but in February 2018, dealers reported that the Yamaha Vino scooter in the same color like the one Rin uses was sold out.
    • Due to the success of the anime adaptation in Japan, there was a boom in winter camping in Southeast Asia, as fan sought to both enact pilgrimages to the story's locales and emulate the experience of camping off-season. On the other hand, it was apparently also the cause of an unfortunate accident perpetrated by a Mexican fan, though the veracity of these claims have yet to be confirmed.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Both Saitou and Inuyama happen to be respectively, Megumin and Yunyun.
  • Sleeper Hit: Laid-Back Camp topped the preorder sales chart for the spring 2018 season, unusual for an Iyashikei series.


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