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TV Series

    Episode 2: Ride On Time 
    Episode 12: Run Taros! 
  • Even at the risk of being banned from the DenLiner, Kintaros tried to make Kasumi and her father reconcile. However, Kintaros' act of informing Kasumi of her father's true feelings alter time and created a time paradox, so that Kasumi and Kensaku are able to reconcile prior to Kasumi's meeting with Ryotaro and Kensaku's meeting with the Imagin. This time paradox negates Kintaros' banishment from the DenLiner, for the cause of the banishment never existed.
    Episode 20: Let Me Say This To Start 
  • The time capsule: The person who contracted it is trying to find it because his deceased wife had buried something precious. At the end of the arc we find out what it is, an old pair of boxing gloves because he gave up boxing to live his life with his beloved. The man breaks down into tears.
    • Heck Ryotaro, after tying a piece of cloth to the teach next to it while in the past, digs up for him, in the middle of the rain. Hana even helps him dig it up.
    Episode 24: The Prince's Goodbye Lullaby 
  • Ryotaro goes out of his way to save Sieg, and Sieg himself earlier was willing to use the last of his strength to save his own "mother" from being kidnapped, even though it would kill him.
    Episode 29: Lucky Horror Show 
  • In the courage test, the fact that Yuto was willing to use one of his 2 remaining Zeronos Cards to save Deneb who he thought was in trouble. While he beats him up afterwards, it's still very heartwarming.
    Episode 30: Madam, How About The Fireworks? 
  • Deneb is utterly ashamed that he cost Yuto the card and runs away from home. When he finally comes back, he tries again to apologize to Yuto for it, only for Yuto to declare that the cards are meaningless and throw the last one into the water, effectively saying that Deneb is more important to him than Zeronos. Doubles as a funny moment, since a cut at the end of the episode has them searching for the card in the water.
  • As the contract holder Terasaki is able to work his first fireworks presentation, he finds his wife and son Ryu behind him, enjoying the show.
  • Despite hating him for most of the episode, Airi makes peace with Ryotaro as they, along with Ozaki, Miura, and Hana, watch the fireworks together while the Taros watch on the train (with Momotaros trying to be the quiet one for once and ending up with a faceful of scalding coffee).
    Episode 40: Change: Imagin World 
  • When Kai allegedly succeeded in killing Yuto when he was a high-school student, we briefly glimpse how Oozaki and Miura would have lived if they'd never become infatuated with Airi. Ooaki would have kept on womanizing, of course, but Miura would have found a woman who loved him back. His lone appearance in the episode shows him with his infant daughter, who he clearly loves very much.
    • Doubles as a tear-jerker when, at the end of the episode, Yuto's existence is restored and Oozaki and Miura are back to competing over Airi, who still doesn't notice their feelings.
    Episode 41: Candy Scandal 
  • The Taros helping Ryotaro train late in the series. In Episode 41 there's a point where they're trying to teach him to dodge and catch attacks. At first he doesn't manage it, but right as the scene ends Momotaros suddenly tries to rap on his helmet with his stick, and Ryotaro catches it. The train breaks out into applause and congratulations.
    Episode 48: Opposite Goodbyes... 
  • The past Airi revealing to Ryotaro that she was in on her fiance's plan to protect their future child, Hana, in that Ryotaro's actions as Den-O were arranged and that his missing memory was caused by Sakurai, restoring the time Kai destroyed but in order to hide their offspring, a Singularity Point, from the Imagin to protect the future.
    Episode 49: The Climax Goes On, No Matter What 
  • When everything looks bleak at the loss of the other Taros and it looks like Momo's going to disappear himself while they're trying to protect Airi and their era, Ryotaro finally makes the wish that Momo had asked of him since episode 1.
    Ryotaro: I'm going to tell you my wish.
    Momotaros: (pause) Let me warn you. I won't hear any wishes that I can't do.
    Ryotaro: Will you... (thinks back to Urataros and Kintaros pulling a You Shall Not Pass!) ...fight with me until the very end?
    Momotaros: (beats up several Mole Imagin after a longer pause) Your wish... has been heard.
  • A scene in the director's cut of the finale explains why Ryutaros wasn't present despite not having an on-screen Heroic Sacrifice: he was afraid of disappearing and couldn't bring himself to help fight. As he cowers in the DenLiner, Naomi approaches him and comforts him, telling him that it's okay to be afraid. Considering Ryutaros is very much like a child, it's easy to understand how scared he was—and he ends up helping Ryotaro anyway in the final battle.
  • The end of the series, where Yuto thinks Deneb vanished after Kai's defeat, and returns to the ZeroLiner to discover Deneb left him a meal with a note asking him to eat it and keep up his strength. Breaking down in tears, Yuto starts eating, even the shiitake he despises. When Deneb turns up alive, rather than being comically annoyed as usual, Yuto just hugs him.
  • Ryotaro's own version of the scene is similarly heartwarming, but not quite to the same extent since we see the Taros alive earlier, and acting goofy, which is a little of a Moment Killer.
  • Ryotaro waving goodbye to each of his allies throughout the show as they pass by him in the Time Trains they were on, with Ryotaro declaring that he would see them again someday.


    Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born! 
  • At the end, Owner sets it up so Ryotaro gets to see his parents as they leave the hospital with himself as a newborn.
    Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka 
  • In Climax Deka, we have the first on-screen interaction between Ryutaros and Airi: she visits the detective agency to give them hand-made bento boxes, and when she sees Ryuta (who is happily skipping into the Den-Liner after he and his dance posse had arrested numerous civilians) she immediately busts out in a smile. He hides like a shy child, but she goes over to him and gives him his bento. Considering his crush on her was what helped redeem him, seeing her accepting him as part of the family is especially adorable (and makes one hope that she feels the same way about the other Taros).
    Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship 
  • The revelation of Yu's identity might have been a little obvious, but it was still sweet.