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Headscratchers / Kamen Rider Den-O

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  • Why didn't Hana just become Den-O? She's infinitely more competent than Ryotaro, so what was the purpose of drafting him into the position when there was already a perfectly capable singularity point available?
    • Because she's not a Singularity Point. She's a Junction Point, someone whose existence controls the flow of time itself. (And of course, because she's a girl).
      • But no one knew she was a Junction Point until near the end of the series.
      • Maybe she tried to become Den-o but couldn't and just didn't know why.
      • Alternatively, she could become Den-o, but she wasn't willing to let any Imagin possess her and was thus limited to using Plat Form.
      • The problem with that theory, though, is that she had Ryotaro become Den-O before either of them considered the idea of having Momo possess him.
    • Because she's female.
      • Because she's not part of the timeline, she's from a deleted timeline. Ryotaro is from the current timeline. Den-O's powers start to fluctuate with the changes in the timeline late in the series. Since Hana is not part of the timeline, she'd have no powers whatsoever.
      • As a Junction Point, Hana is the single most important character among the cast, it was to the point that her father erased the memories of her and fled into the past, willingly erasing his own existence with the help of his past self. If she fought as Den-O and got killed by the Imagin, all of that would have been for nothing and the Imagin link their time to the present. Ryoutaro was thus the safer option; he would fight as Den-O, protecting Hana in the process. And worst case scenario; he was more expendable than Hana. Singularity Point of the past dies, sure, their past can be changed up to the point they died. The Junction Point dies? The future is screwed.

  • Ryotaro is a Singularity Point. It was stated time and time again throughout the entire series that Singularity Points have Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory, and it was shown that the memory-erasing effects of the Zeronos Cards don't work on him. Then, in the final arc, it's revealed that Ryotaro's memory of Airi's pregnancy was removed by a Zeronos Card. What the hell, Kobayashi?
    • Maybe he only became time-proof after it was brought to his attention?
      • Since his sister talked to him about it and explained that he needed to forget, I believe he can forget only if he is willing to do so.

  • So, only a Singularity Point can become Den-O, right? Okay, so explain to me how Momotaros and the other Imagin can all use a Den-O belt without possessing Ryotaro at various points in the series. It's been shown that these guys are just as susceptable to the time-change as anyone else (take, for example, Yuto being killed in the past and erased from history. Deneb only remembered ever being contracted to Ryotaro, and nobody else knew who Yuto was). So how can non-Singularities like the Imagin become Den-O?
    • In the movie Final Countdown (I believe anyway), Hana gives them what I believe are rider passes and they were able to transform with them without a host since they are in physical form and they could use them for transforming if they possess other hosts. (Sorry if that didn't make sense)
    • I get how they suited up; my question was why they were able to, given that they've been shown not to be Singularity Points.
      • It might be because of their link to Den-O that they're able to do so
      • You don't need to be a Singularity Point to be Den-O; just check the Decade story arc, where the Taros possesses Tsukasa, Natsumi, and Yuusuke and all three become Den-O at different points in the episode. (The evidence that they're not SPs is that they had absolutely no control while possessed.)
      • But they're dimension-hoppers; not exactly following the regular rules in the first place.
      • Plus, Tsukasa probably counts as a Singularity Point anyway.
    • My theory is that anyone can become Den-O, it's just that Singularity Points with their Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory that are the best to do so since they can remember what has been destroyed in the past and fix it. It was stated that since their memories are like this, the past will be restored because they remember it as it is.
    • I think that since Imagins travel to past to change the future, they have similiar powers themselves. Or Singularity Points somehow created Imagins.

  • Am I the only one bummed that Sieg never got his own version of Climax Jump? :(
    • Nope. I kind of wonder about that too.

  • Did Hana knew that Airi and Yuuto (not the past one) were her parents?
    • It bothers me too. She acted like she doesn't know them, it makes me think she grew up as an orphan or something.
  • On that subject, does she know Ryoutarou is her uncle? (Fridge brilliance if this is why she quickly noticed that Ryoutarou is a singularity point).
    • That Fridge Brilliance can't be it, she knew he was a singularity point because he was able to resist Momotaros.

  • Where do Urataros' glasses come from?
    • As demonstrated by the K-Touch, the sand that Imagins are made of is reactive: it can change its shape, form, and basically all of its physical properties by exposure to a person's "wishes." The glasses probably come from the "spray" of sand produced when someone undergoes possession; ditto for the changes in clothing.
      • K-Taros actually. The K-Touch belongs to Decade.

  • How come the Den-O Belt already had four pre-set buttons for Momotaros (Red/Sword Form), Urataros (Blue/Rod Form), Kintaros (Yellow/Axe Form), and Ryuutaros (Purple/Gun Form)? I mean, so far as I know, it was never stated that Den-O was SUPPOSED to be possessed by an Imagin (let alone 4), so how come the buttons are connected to Imagin Summoning and the Taros themselves? The subject is never touched upon, much to my confusion, especially when Sieg summons the Wing Buckle to achieve Wing Form. A possible theory would be that the Taros actually made the Belt in the Future and sent it to the past (without a button for Sieg thanks to his ability), but, again, it's never touched upon.
    • If Ore Tanjou is anything to go by, the Imagin had something to do with the belt's creation, since Plat Form is the Imagin in Gaoh's ticket in that movie.

  • Where did the DenLiner come from?
    • Like, who built it? Why was it built? What is its origin? Why does it exist? When was the time that it originally came from? Where did it come from? Does its history ever get explained?

  • What would happen if Sieg possessed Kotaro and the latter became New Den-O? Since Deneb possessing Kotaro resulted in Vega Form, would New Den-O transform into Wing form, or would Sieg turn into a boomerang?

  • Is there any reason why they can't just create another costume for Gaoh?
    • It's really expensive.
      • Then why didn't they just take the Yuuki suit and turn it back into Gaoh?

  • Did Gaoh name himself after the Gaohliner, or is the Gaohliner named after Gaoh?

  • What's the significance of Machine DenBird's Vanity License Plate being "92 99"? If it was meant to represent Kamen Rider's hiatus on television, Black RX ended in 1989. If it was meant to represent the franchise's hiatus overall, 1992 was the year Shin was released (not even mentioning the other two movies). Does the license plate have nothing to do with the hiatus, or is this a case of Writers Cannot Do Math?