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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Den-O

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    In general 
  • When you discover that Yuto's cards erase the memories of anyone he meets, every friend he ever had will never remember him. Ryotaro being the only person who wasn't affected, because one of Sakurai's cards already did.
    • Yuto's family is never mentioned, implying that they've already forgotten him.
  • If you have pity for the Imagins for a moment, all the Imagins wanted to do is continue on existing as they know if the Junction Point is fully formed, most of them are going to disappear forever. We also don't know what Imagins are truly are as the forms we seen they take are mostly drawn from the imagination of the hosts they take, so we don't know if they are truly monstrous in appearance. For all we know they were once just like any living being who were living a good life before their timeline was erased and lost their physical forms and are basically running out of time and are now driven the need to not be erased.

TV Series

    Episode 38: The King Train Within The Train Terminal 
  • Feeling bad for what he ended up causing, Ryutaros became hearbroken about Airi as he softly apologized to the others. Momotaros then forces him to repeat his apology louder, only for Ryutaros to call him an idiot to the former's ire, then with Ryutaros sulking after storming off for alone time.
    Episode 39: And Then There Were No Riders 
  • Yuto's Disney Death. The female Snail Imagin kills his younger self by destroying the field trip van, resulting in Yuto fading away before Ryotaro's eyes.
    Episode 49: The Climax Goes On, No Matter What 
  • The last episode. After the climatic final fight, all of the Imagin disappear, including Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros, Deneb and Sieg. Both Ryotaro and Yuto are saddened, you can simply feel the emotion. When Yuto heads back to his Liner, there's no one there aside from himself, and he finds a feast, which is a goodbye present from his Imagin partner, goes to show while Yuto is annoyed by Deneb, he cares about him. Ryotaro didn't take it well, saying he never got a chance to say goodbye. Hana, despite putting up this barrier that she hates the Taros, also cries. Fortunately, it turns out they're all fine. In fact, the Taros are hiding in a nearby trench, waiting to surprise everyone and start arguing when they realize they waited too long.


    Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown 
  • Kotaro badmouthing Ryotaro. No kid would exactly be squealing with joy if their grandparent gave them a country-sounding name along with terrible luck, but the lengths Kotaro goes... harsh man.
    Episode Red: Zero No Star Twinkle 
  • The ending is a combination of sad and heartwarming; Yuto, having rescued Airi multiple times, ends up watching the stars with her before taking her home on his motorbike. As this all plays out Airi is reminded of her great memories with the Sakurai she knows, and gradually starts to associate those memories with Yuto. While it is nice that Yuto is no longer "competing" with himself, Airi's reaction to it all tells of another side to this: She's facing the fact that the Sakurai she loved and almost had a child with will never come back.
    Episode Blue: The Dispatched Imagin Is Newtral 
  • From Episode Blue in the Cho movie trilogy, the Mantis Imagin's contract holder finally explaining what her wish was. It was to go back in time and spend her birthday with her grandmother, the way she ought to have instead of going out with her boyfriend. She breaks down in tears as she explains how her grandmother collapsed earlier in her summer, and how she'd taken it for granted that they would always be together. Even worse is how this resonates with Kotaro and Teddy's separation in the main plot, as Kotaro realizes just how much Teddy did for him on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Stinger for this movie has the future Miku receive a present from her grandmother when she's back in her own time (after her grandmother reveals she knows future Miku is her real granddaughter from another time.) The present has a note reassuring Miku that she had fun and that she loves her. Miku begins sobbing as she holds the present, her grandmother's wind-chime playing in the background.