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The film:

  • ''LikeKindergarten''
  • In the rooftop garden, the scene when Troy and Gabriella open up and admit to each other how much pressure they're both under and how lonely they are because of it. Troy even admits that the garden is the place he uses to get away from all the expectations. The fact he shares it with Gabriella - and so he can be himself, not 'the basketball guy' with her - is heartwarming all on its own.
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  • The scene when Troy appears on Gabriella's balcony.
  • The looks on Mr. Bolton and Mrs. Montez's faces when they see Troy and Gabriella singing on stage.
  • The Wildcats surprising Taylor and Gabriella with a cake made by Zeke. In return the girls show them a banner they've made for the basketball team.
    • The Wildcats "Go Drama Club!" t-shirts, which Sharpay seems to be genuinely pleased by. Especially since the drama department at East High seems to get much less focus than the sports department.
  • When Kelsi trips over and Troy and Gabriella go to help her.
  • Shortly before the basketball game starts, Jack Bolton visits his son in the locker room to tell him that all he wants him to do really is to have fun at basketball, the game they both love so much, and that if he can do that, he will fall asleep a happy man that night, no matter the outcome of the game.


Meta Examples

  • Sharpay and Ryan, in general, get a few moments. No matter how much she treats him like a stagehand or how different their opinions are on things, they genuinely love each other. Whenever Ryan does something good and gets praised for it, Sharpay is always the first there to congratulate him.
    • "I Want It All" is the twins envisioning their dreams coming true and they want to be together when it happens. For all her It's All About Me attitude, Sharpay wants her brother at her side.
    • There's a 'blink and you miss it' moment during Breaking Free, where Ryan can be seen getting into Troy & Gabriella's performance. This also has a Call-Back in Senior Year, when he and Kelsi are in charge of the musical, as both are more concerned about who are the best performers than stroking egos.
    • Also, the Evans family is a walking CMOH. They are so ridiculously affectionate that one has to wonder why Ryan isn't as much of a Spoiled Brat as his sister.
  • Here's one involving the cast: They all stayed friends after the films were made, and when Monique Coleman was on Dancing With The Stars, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Lucas Grabeel all showed up, brandishing pom-poms in East High colors to cheer for her.
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  • Ashley and Lucas's rendition of "What I've Been Looking For," made eleven years after the first HSM premiered. Finally, we get to hear them sing a version of the song closer to how Kelsi intended.