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While Hereditary contains loads of Nightmare Fuel, there are a few small heartwarming moments, which are easy to miss on the first viewing.

Be wary: per wiki policy, spoilers are off on Heartwarming pages!

  • While very minor, Annie stating that she still loved her mother despite their issues at the support group. It's a very real situation that many can relate to.
  • Annie tucking Charlie into bed and telling her that if she wanted to cry, it would be ok.
  • Peter and Charlie seem to have a very sweet brother-sister bond, which makes Charlie's death all the more awful and horrific.
    • Peter doesn't protest or complain when Annie brings up taking Charlie with him to the party. He seems completely fine with the idea, and just asks if she wants to go.
    • A small detail, but Peter shows no outward annoyance to Charlie making her clicking noises in the backseat.
    • Peter telling Charlie that they can hang out and draw together after he smokes is pretty heartwarming. Considering Peter is a bit socially awkward it's likely he was serious about it.
    • After realizing Charlie is having a reaction, Peter literally carries her in his arms out to the car.
    • Peter's openness to the seance might imply that he wants to talk to his sister again. Of course, he freaks out when it actually happens, and begins sobbing afterwards.
    • When Annie is possessed by the real Charlie, she cries out for Peter, telling him that she's scared. It's clear that the uncorrupted Charlie loves her big brother and sees him as a source of safety and comfort.
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  • While it doubles as tearjerker, Annie only being able to sleep in Charlie's treehouse.
  • When Peter is hanging out with his friends under the bleachers and begins to freak out, they ask what’s wrong. He tells them that his throat is tightening and asks if one of them can “just hold [his] hand”. The friend complies, the attack appearing to be psychosomatic. It’s a small moment, but it genuinely did warm this viewer’s heart.
  • The dinner scene, where Peter asks his mom if she's okay. It ends in a fight, but it shows he was trying to reach out to her, despite all the tension.
  • Annie waking up Peter and apologizing to him after everything she said to him in her nightmare.
  • Annie's long dialogue as she tries to convince Steve to burn the book. It clearly sounds like absolute lunacy to him, but Annie's determination and willingness to save their son is very touching. She also tells Steve how much she loves him before the book is burned.


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