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Hereditary is connected to The VVitch
Both share many similar story elements already and were both produced by A24. What if The Witch was setting the stage for Hereditary? The Devil seen in The Witch could be the demon king Paimon in the 17th century, only without a host and forced to take on different forms to interact with the world. The witches serving him at the end are a past incarnation of the cult that now serves him, who also seem to wield supernatural power.

The story has vague undertones of trans identities and transitioning.
Even if this was not the intention of the director or the actors, Peter's role in the story shares striking similarities to a trans man coming out to his family. If this is taken into consideration, Charlie's accidental death by his hands symbolizes "killing" his past self, which he sees as terrifying. Leaving her body to be discovered by his mother out of shock can also be seen as being outed, as he makes no moves to remove Charlie's corpse out of pure terror. His mother
blaming him for the death of her daughter is a phrase that many unaccepting parents have used against their transitioning children.
  • On top of that, Charlie having an androgynous name and her grandmother flat-out telling her that she should've been born a boy plays heavily into this. Of course, it's because Paimon needs a male host, and Charlie was the only relative that could fill that role due to Annie keeping Peter away from his grandmother, but the implication of not being the way everyone wanted you to be is deeply reminiscent of a trans person's struggle with their identity.

Everything after Charlie Dies is Annie's psychosis.
The demons aren't real, it's all Annie's mental illness manifesting and breaking from her grief. Her mother was mentally ill. After all, mental illness tends to be...Hereditary.

Peter was an unwanted child to Annie from the start. Admittedly, so was Charlie—at least at one point—and it's hard to gauge if Peter was moreso, when these sentiments boil to the surface only after Charlie's death. Unlike Charlie, however, Peter
looks rather noticeably not blood-related to Steve.

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