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Heartwarming / Hello! Project

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  • This moment where everyone shows how much they care for Takahashi Ai after she had fallen and sprained her ankle badly in a performance earlier that day. May also be a CMOA for Takahashi having the willpower to get back on stage for the second performance.
    • A similar thing happened when Michishige Sayumi injured her leg during her graduation concert, with similar responses.
  • The goodbye speeches at the end of a graduation concert are often this. Slightly subverted by Yoshizawa Hitomi who teased several of her bandmates for crying, claiming she was embarrassed by it.
  • Seeing how overwhelmed with joy all the members of Morning Musume were when they won a JRA for Best New Artist.
    Abe Natsumi: I'm so haaaaappy!
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  • The entire friendship between Reina Tanaka and Masaki Sato is just adorable. Best exemplified in this blog post by Reina herself.


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