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Tear Jerker / Hello! Project

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  • Graduations, the members (not just the one leaving) may provide examples of Cry Cute (maybe descending into Inelegant Blubbering) and The Woobie during the goodbye speeches.
  • When Morning Musume won a JRA for Best New Artist but out of happiness
  • Kaori Iida's announcement that her son had died as a result of renal failure at only six months old.
  • The announcement that Tsunku was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.
    • Followed up by Tsunku making his first public appearance in almost a year at his alma mater's entrance ceremony and revealing he had his vocal cords removed.
      • His graduation from Hello! Project in order to find treatment, and moving to Hawaii with his family has set in stone for many fans that the man behind almost every artist and song within Hello! Project that he is unlikely to ever fully return.
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  • Riho Sayashi (and members around her) fighting back tears while singing her big solo in "ENDLESS SKY" during her last Morning Musume concert and her graduation concert:
    There's no reason for me to cry, I shouldn't be crying
    After all, this is the future I chose for myself
  • The announcement that ℃-ute would be disbanding in 2017, followed by Momoko Tsugunaga announcing her retirement not long after. Saying goodbye to the last remaining remembers of Hello! Project Kids was heartbreaking news for both fans and current Hello! Project idols who looked up to them. It's especially sad for the fans who had followed them since their debut and had watched them grow from children to talented young women during the last 15 years.

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