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  • The Cast Showoff: Ayaka Kimura and Mika Todd; due to the fact Ayaka spent a large part of her childhood in Hawaii and Mika is an American, both of them are fluent in English as well as Japanese, and both were given many opportunities to speak English in songs and on TV shows (Ayaka even hosted a "corner" on Hello Morning specifically due to this). Whenever Mini Moni were on Utaban, Mika would usually tell them whatever news she had by impersonating a news report in English before translating it into Japanese.
    • Ai Takahashi and Kaori Iida are both excellent dancers and were afforded many opportunities to do so outside of the usual PVs, concerts and TV performances.
    • Evident among the current Morning Musume as well! Songs like "Oh my wish!", "The Vision", and "Dokyuu no Go Sign" feature a team of dancers while the others are on vocals.
  • Creator Backlash: In 2013, Koharu Kusumi confessed in a radio show that she left Morning Musume to distance herself from her Idol Singer image, viewing her tenure in the Girl Group as only a foothold into the entertainment industry. She also mentioned that she preferred her post-Morning Musume career because she didn't need to practice for concerts and felt more comfortable with having more female fans.
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  • Franchise Killer: The colossal failure of Hello! Project Taiwan caused Hello! Project to withdraw from their initial plans to set up overseas groups in Taiwan and South Korea. How bad was it? Well, Hello! Project Taiwan's flagship group, Ice Creamusume, flopped so horribly that their career lasted for only three months (plus a concert appearance in July) after their debut mini-album sold terribly in all three countries it was released in.
  • He Also Did: Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago of W set the world record for the largest hula hoop spun in 2004 until Ashrita Furman broke it in 2005.
  • No Export for You: Morning Musume's "Love Machine."
    • Only the most recent albums by Morning Musume are available on iTunes outside of Japan, some (mainly defunct) groups are entirely absent. Sometime in April 2012, the UK iTunes store started selling all of Morning Musume's albums the 10 year anniversary groups EPs and some Ongaku Gatas EPs.
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    • As of 2015, all Hello! Project songs seem to have been pulled from iTunes in the UK. Tanaka Reina's post-Morning Musume group, LoVendoR, is still there though.
    • Thanks to the newly-announced YouTube Red service, fans in the USA were blocked from watching any Hello! Project videos for a while — which is sadly ironic when you consider that their adding English subtitles to their videos was an attempt to spread their music internationally in the first place! It got to the point where Up-Front had to just do what YouTube asked of it in order to have the videos restored. Apparently they really didn't want their efforts to go to waste.
  • Old Shame: Hello! Project delisted some of their old acts on their release history. While it was probably for maintenance and accuracy purposes (i.e. some artists are still active but no longer working with Up-Front Agency, like Maki Goto), there's also plenty that they would be more than happy to keep buried. One of the groups they delisted was W despite that Nozomi Tsuji is still with their main agency, probably because it infamously ended over Ai Kago's scandal.
    • Airi Suzuki hated the music video for "Tokkaiko Junjo" because of the styling and that her appearance in the CD cover jacket and the music video were different. Basically, the CD cover jacket was shot first and Suzuki had just arrived after Buono!'s "Honto no Jibun" press conference. However, she was forced to change her hairstyle (which she didn't want to) and have a different outfit when shooting the music video.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Niigaki Risa was a fan of Morning Musume before she joined the group. She has frequently been described by fans as being the member who seems to "get into" live performances the most.
    • Sayashi Riho had admired Morning Musume ever since "Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~" (2003), and joining the group had been her goal ever since.
    • Ikuta Erina became a big fan of Niigaki Risa once she joined Morning Musume, and after the latter's graduation, she got to change her member color from Purple to Light Green, Niigaki's color in the group.
    • Meimi Tamura was a fan of S/mileage before she became part of the group.
  • Several members of AKB48 have auditioned to be in Morning Musume, but didn't make the cut. Yuki Kashiwagi, Ayaka Umeda, Sumire Sato, Airi Furukawa, and Meru Tashima were some of the auditionees. Momona Kito also auditioned for Morning Musume in 2006 (and made her first televised appearance there!).


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