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Heartwarming / Hawkeye

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  • A lot from his relationship with Mockingbird, especially when in the hands of Jim McCann. Most notably was her finally conceeding to the fact that, no matter where she goes, Clint will always be there to help her, be it fighting some villains, doing spy work, or merely being here when she needs someone.
  • Bobbi beating up some bros who were watching Clint's apartment building in Hawkeye #9. The real kicker? She was there to get his signature to finalise their divorce. They might not be together, but Bobbi's still there to help.
    • She's later mentioned in Hawkeye #11, in an unknown conversation from Lucky's POV, possibly being able to corroborate Clint's wereabouts at the time of Grills' murder.
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  • Despite all his joking around all the time, Clint is very sentimental, right down to his Weapon of Choice, or rather, weapons of choice. His first master and surrogate (before he turned villain) father, Trickshot, taught him the way of the arrow. His swordsmanship calls back to Jacques Duquesne, the villain turned superhero called The Swordsman, who was Clint's mentor too. Captain America (who was dead at the time) taught Hawkeye martial arts, with Clint being considered his best student. Bobbi then calls him out on the randomness of him using Nunchucks. He reveals they link together to form a Bo Staff, in honor of her, the love of his life who he thought had died in his arms. Hidden Depths indeed. During his Ronin days, in a "friendly" confrontation with his ex-wife, Bobbi Morse A.K.A Mockingbird, Clint says:
    Clint:"You should know more than anyone I'm more than just a bow-and-arrow guy. Everything I use is in honor of those I thought I've lost. Everything."