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  • Hawkeye staring down a group of mobsters who threatened to kill everyone in his apartment block in Hawkeye #6. The results aren't shown.
  • In the first issue, there was also him saving 'Pizza Dog' by stopping the driver who was about to hit it. How does he do that? By tossing a penny through the guy's car window, smashing it, to get his attention. There's pretty much one awesome moment every issue.
  • Hawkeye currently holds the distinction of being the only Marvel superhero who is a member of the Justice League, the DC Universe's resident superhero team. Yes, he beat out other more notable heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man to get that slot to do so. How he does it is pretty epic as well: he and The Flash survive Krona's One-Hit Kill on both the Avengers and the JLA, and take the supervillain down.
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  • Avengers Annual #16: After the Avengers lose The Grandmaster's unbeatable Cosmic Chess Game for the fate of the universe, Hawkeye takes advantage of The Grandmaster's gambling compulsion by proposing one last game of chance for everything. He rigs it. That's right. Clint Barton saved the universe with carny sleight of hand.
  • The final two issues of his ongoing, which is pretty much a series of awesome little moments from Clint, Kate, Barney, Lucky, and their neighbours.
  • During the original Busiek's Thunderbolts run, Hawkeye tracks them down in order to give them a shot at redemption, but how does he get them to even agree to listen to him? Hawkeye bets them that he can handle their full assault for 5 minutes. They take the bet... Cue Hawkeye outmaneuvering the whole team and beating them in both awesome and humiliating ways. All the while talking smack to them. This is a team comprised of beings with superstrength, invulnerability, veritable arsenals and a whole catalogue of superpowers, vs Clint, armed with a bow and arrows.
    • Even MORE awesome, once Hawkeye convinces the Thunderbolts to let him lead them into reformation, his training and leadership skills turn the disorganized and inexperienced group of reformed villains into a highly effective team, capable of taking down a veritable LEGION of superheroes by themselves and even stalemating The Avengers themselves. Even the most reluctant of them admit Hawkeye's training was invaluable.
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  • In one occasion, Hawkeye is alone in Avengers Mansion. Cue an attack by one of Hulk's deadliest villains: Abomination, who at this point is not only as strong and tough as Hulk is, but also has telepathic powers. Hawkeye fights him all through the house. At one point Abomination is intimidated by Hawkeye's killing intent which he didn't think he had. Then Hawkeye's arrow lands on the ground before him. Abomination laughs and picks up the arrow to kill Clint with it... and gets shocked with a powerful enough electric discharge to knock him out. It was a specially designed adamantium + electric blast arrow designed to be used against Ultron, the genocidal robot with an Adamantium body. The kicker? Clint boasts he only set it to stun. Short version? Hawkeye one-shotted a being who is Hulk's equal.
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  • During a confrontation involving both the Avengers and the Thunderbolts when Moonstone was losing control of her abilities and her sanity, Hawkeye stops first The Vision, and then ends things by incapacitating Moonstone. His remark? "You know I got an arrow for every single one of you! Don't think for one second that I didn't come here ready to take down both teams if I had to!" That's right. Hawkeye is essentially the Batman of the Avengers and any team he belongs to, a Badass Normal ready to act as a failsafe to contain any of his teammates if he has to.
  • In Hawkeye: Blindspot #2, he is slowly losing his sight (temporarily) but still sets out to solve the situation. Cap is concerned enough to try to stop Hawkeye by force. Hawkeye intercepts Cap's energy shield with a trick arrow that renders the shield inoperable, then outmaneuvers Captain America himself, sticking him with an electric shock arrow that renders Cap paralyzed long enough for Clint to leave. Yep, Hawkeye has defeated Captain America himself, and yet people still underrate him.
  • Clint's value as a hero is reflected in a couple of quotes by Captain America himself, from Hawkeye: Blindspot #2. First, during a flashback to their training together: "You have a lot of potential, Avenger. More than the rest. That's why I'm pushing you. You could be the best we've ever had. Who knows? Maybe one day you could wear this suit". And later, when Steve is frustrated by Hawkeye's hardheadedness: "You really are the best of us, but only when you want to be". Getting that kind of praise from the man himself speaks volumes.
  • In an issue of West Coast Avengers, Hawkeye and U.S Agent attack some cosmic-level enemies simultaneously, taking advantage of the situation to engage in a competition to see who reaches first, if Hawkeye's arrow or the Agent's Shield. U.S Agent is like a Captain America, except he has super strength to lift 10 tons, rivaling that of Spider-man. After defusing the threat, the cosmic beings determine Hawkeye's arrow would've reached them way before the shield. Managing to beat the speed of a projectile launched by 10 tonner muscles is quite the feat for a "normal man".
  • In an issue of Thunderbolts, they get attacked at home by none other than Hercules himself, seeking revenge against Atlas. Hercules wipes the floor with the T-Bolts, before Hawkeye arrives to defend his new team. He talks down Hercules, who warns him to get out of the way. Hawkeye tells the literal God of Strength, who is enraged and could flatten him with ease, that he'll have to kill him first if he wants to attack the Thunderbolts. Hercules finally relents, but at the price of his friendship with Hawkeye. The T-Bolts are left astonished that their former enemy would do such a thing for them. Hawkeye's bravery goes a long way towards earning their trust and respect.

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