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  • Adaptation Displacement: Much to the annoyance of Hawkeye's fandom, the Marvel Cinematic Universe version is the one most audiences are aware of, and thus is largely a reason there's such a prominent perception of him being a Memetic Loser.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Clint's dynamic with Steve Rogers during their early Avengers tenure (which many view as Unresolved Sexual Tension on his part), and his history of flirting with men (see the Ho Yay section), many read Clint as bisexual, albeit probably in the closet. There's the noteworthy fact Clint primarily wears blue, purple, and pink on his costume, as in the colours of the bisexual pride flag, adding to this, and his Idiot Hero characterisation just adding to the image of him as a 'disaster bi'.
  • Angst? What Angst?: During Hawkeye: Freefall, a new Ronin shows up that has the superhero community pulling rank on Clint because of his apparent willingness to kill criminals to fight the Hood, despite Clint claiming that it's not him. It is, and Clint is using a time travel device to appear in two places at once, a hacker, and later a defective LMD, to cover his ass. Despite Clint's adamant no-killing policy (which often results in Head Butting Heroes situations when working with people who do kill), and how previous times where he's killed being the result of being pushed to the brink and followed by a great deal of angst, Clint doesn't seem particularly negatively effected by his willingness to kill, with the comic playing it off as "wacky hyjinks" as he tries to cover it up. Towards the end, Clint claims he never actually killed anyone, but rather Ronin's brutal activities had been exaggerated by rumours, but this raises the question of why he was singled out to the point of a large task force coming together to stop him, even though if his claim is true, he's no worse than Moon Knight or other "brutal" heroes.
    • Sometimes Clint's appearances in other books will simply cast him as the Plucky Comic Relief, no matter what trauma he's experienced recently in whatever his main title is at the time. Fridge Brilliance in that this is usually how depression works, as people who are suffering will appear perfectly fine, even fun-loving and full of energy, around others, with little to no hint at what's going on with them.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Kelly Thompson's Kate-centered run in its handling of the Clint/Kate partnership is this in comparison to Lemire's run, which portrayed Clint and Kate's partnership as rather harsh and one-sided, with Kate often remarking on how "washed-up" Clint is and repeatedly outdoing him. In Thompsons's run, Kate is the first to defend Clint's reputation as a hero, they are both portrayed as equally Badass Normal, and while the two of them do bicker, they still support each other and remain good friends throughout.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • Starting around issue 9 of Fraction's run, Clint's story grinds to a snails pace, with the next several issues all taking place over the same few days from different POVs. This wasn't helped by the fact that the rest of the Aja-drawn issues ended up being heavily delayednote , making the storyline feel even longer.
    • Lemire's run having Kate and Clint parting ways once more. Given they already had a big falling out in Fraction's run, doing it again so soon after feels particularly repetitive.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Clint during Lemire's run; his abilities have gotten so bad he can't even take on a single Elite Mook without help.
    • When Kate first went solo, she was beaten by just a handful of mooks: a far cry from how she previously operated. Somewhat justified by it being her first time acting on her own (previously having either Clint or the Young Avengers to back her up). It's later revealed that the thugs were all LMD robots, explaining why they'd so easily tire her out.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Kate: After her character exploded in popularity following Fraction's Hawkeye run, Kate has became quite an audience splitting figure. Some fans really like her, and consider her the Breakout Character of both Hawkeye and Young Avengers, while others dislike her for being a perceived Spotlight-Stealing Squad with a personality some find obnoxious. The fact she's often grouped with the 2010-era 'teen heroes' doesn't help, as they as a whole divide the larger Marvel fandom sharply.
    • Clint while written by Matt Fraction (and beyond). Critics feel that Clint doesn't come as competent or confident as he previously did, and that his negative aspects have been played up too much. Fans of this version note that those negatives qualities were present in previous runs; they also feel that Clint's supposed "lack of competence" is greatly exaggerated by critics/fans, as while he is portrayed in a more comedic light, in the book itself he still regularly takes on 20-or-so thugs without much trouble. Lemire's run ramps the negative aspects even higher, to the point Clint's kind of a loser in his own book.
  • Broken Base:
    • While generally well-received at first, Fraction's ongoing has resulted in a split. There are people who've grown tired of Clint and only kept reading for Kate's solo chapters, other people who're the opposite and dislike her for hogging the spotlight, then there are those who like both characters and think the arguments are stupid. In particular, the Badass Decay was a point of contention; it is true Kate's success rate has gone down, but it has been pointed out that, while a Badass Normal, she's not typically a One-Man Army, and isn't used to fighting by herself. Some consider it Badass Decay, others consider it a Surprisingly Realistic Outcome. Should be noted that it does make for a comparison between her and Clint: He too doesn't get out of fights without some bruises, despite his greater experience and comparatively less-trained mooks. If she was taking down everyone without effort while he was struggling, it would probably lead to accusations of her being a Creator's Pet.
    • Jeff Lemire's run. When it was announced, there was a reasonable split between those cautious he couldn't follow from Fraction's run while others were optimistic due to his work on Green Arrow, but when it came out, opinion remained broken. Some really like the continuation of the dynamic Fraction built between Kate and Clint, while others feel it got exaggerated (in particular Kate's hand-to-hand combat skills being upped to Black Widow level while Clint basically gets curb stomped by a simple Elite Mook), while the handling of Hawkeye's deafness has been controversial in comparison to how it was handled by Fraction's run and Gerry Duggan's Hawkeye Vs Deadpool miniseries. Pretty much no one is happy with the idea of Kate and Clint becoming antagonistic though.
      • It doesn't help that Lemire's new run has everyone telling Clint how much he sucks and everyone Character Shilling for Kate.
      • It's also very irritating that Ales Kot, in his Secret Avengers run, understood Clint Barton better than Lemire did. Clint is presented as a goofball and most people, including Jessica and Natasha, don't think much of him at times — but Maria Hill points out that is precisely why he's so dangerous and effective. The same run also portrays Clint as the subject of a great deal of Hero Worship from Deadpool, who finds his Badass Normal Archer Archetype gimmick to be awesome.
    • More fandom wise, but the idea of shipping the two. On one side, they have such a strong platonic, almost sibling like relationship that many would feel its ruined if romance was thrown in, and the age difference combined with Clint's mentor role would make it Squick and morally questionable. But, on the other side, they have a lot of chemistry and their mutual affection and teasing can come off as flirting, while the age difference isn't big enough for some people to have issue with it. Fraction himself has said that one rule he set out was that, so long as he's writing, the two will not ever have sex, but still kept hints that they do find the other attractive, though aren't romantically interested.
    • There is a small but vocal number of fans of the character who are also members of the deaf community who hold Clint up as "their" hero due to his own deafness. To say the least, these fans were not amused in the least by Marvel suddenly shilling Kate Bishop. These people weren't completely mollified when Clint appeared in the MCU, either, since Renner-Hawkeye is hearing.
    • Hawkeye: Freefall has this, between: Fans who appreciate the run bringing back Clint's Badass Normal credentials by portraying him as being a capable combatant and tactically skilled enough to remain one-step-ahead of his friends, Obfuscating Stupidity the entire time. Or, fans who dislike the run's cavalier treatment of Clint's Thou Shalt Not Kill rule and the awkward attempt at retconning, and the fact the run makes Clint do some things that are morally questionable at best, and feel the run can't decide if Clint is actually smart and pretending to be dumb or if he's just genuinely dumb-but-lucky, and everyone else is just dumber. Otto Schmidt's artwork is highly praised, though, and many want a sequel just to see him return/draw more of Clint and Bobbi.
  • Cant Unhear It: Though it's been several years, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes solidified Chris Cox as the voice for many as Clint's, especially when combined with him voicing the character in several subsequent video games. Troy Baker, who voiced him in Avengers, Assemble! and several subsequent works is also quite popular.
  • Character Rerailment:
    • Back in the West Coast Avengers days, there was a notable push-pull going on between writers of that book and writers of Solo Avengers and anything else including Clint, namely regarding how Clint was handling Bobbi killing Phantom Rider. WCA's writers insisted on Clint being as obtuse about it as possible to the point of Holier Than Thou self-righteousness, and him and Bobbi were pretty clearly on the verge of divorce. Elsewhere, writers were depicting Clint as being much more understanding, empathetic, and subsequently him and Bobbi on the verge of reconciliation, essentially writing them how they were before the Phantom Rider story.
    • During the years Brian Michael Bendis spent as Marvel's top writer, Clint was a notable Creator's Pest, and this is pretty observable in how he's written (most prominently, having Clint Took a Level in Jerkass, portraying him as less competent and ignoring Clint's strict Thou Shalt Not Kill beliefs). As a result, there's been a noticeable trend of writers having to push back or explain how/why Clint had acted the way he did, and re-align his character. The first time was by Jim McCann, who had Clint go through extensive Character Development to explain why he'd been acting so hostile and trigger happy, ultimately settling on the idea Clint was aware of the fact he was now capable of killing and being scared of it. His work also lead to Clint abandoning the Ronin identity and becoming Hawkeye again, though even before that he made sure to include a scene where Bobbi presents Clint with a bow and set of arrows (elsewhere, other writers were also finding excuses for "Ronin" to pick up a bow during big battles).
      • Later, David Walker, Nick Spencer, and several others tried to resolve the fallout of Bendis having Clint murder Bruce Banner in Civil War II, with Clint himself being shown as incredibly torn up by the fact he did this. That Bendis tried to portray Clint as akin to a police officer murdering an unarmed black man, writers subsequently made sure to write Clint as being socially aware and left-of-centre, as he was previously.
    • Matt Fraction's run has a significant Broken Base in how it handled Clint in general, but one notable trait is the reintroduction of Clint's deafness, something that was "cured" back in Heroes Reborn. Though he now has a new origin for it, the main result is Clint is now a hearing aid-user again.
    • After Jeff Lemire's All-New Hawkeye run, which infamously canonised the Memetic Loser characterisation for Clint and Memetic Badass characterisation for Kate (while also having her Took a Level in Jerkass), subsequent writers worked to portray Clint as being much more stable and competent, more akin to how he was pre-Fraction while still retaining the Dented Iron aspect Fraction introduced, and also making Kate kinder and more quirky once again. Gerry Duggan and Kelly Thompson especially worked to ensure the two were much more balanced and cohesive.
  • Contested Sequel:
    • The 90s miniseries is this to both his earlier miniseries and West Coast Avengers, as it suffers heavy Darker and Edgier treatment as it deals with Clint's man-angst after Bobbi's death. The result is a miniseries that most fans tend to forget and ignore.
    • Hawkeye and Mockingbird was this to New Avengers: The Reunion. On the one hand, it continued many of the elements people enjoyed about the previous miniseries, particularly the strong writing of both characters and their relationship. However, some felt that the use of Phantom Rider as the Big Bad essentially dug up old wounds that were best moving on from, and though it started off strong the story just became too depressing as it had Bobbi once again treated as a Cosmic Plaything. The result was unfortunately an Audience-Alienating Premise, as what was intended as an ongoing instead became a six-issue series. The two follow-up miniseries', Widowmaker and Blindspot, likewise, while fairly well-written Clint stories, unfortunately had Bobbi being Out of Focus (the latter, she's not even in) enough that anyone who was attracted to the original for shipping reasons likely dropped off.
    • Fans of Fraction's run don't like Lemire's run very much. Some have accused Lemire's writing of Clint and Kate as reading more like exaggerated Fanon version of the two than their actual previous interpretations. It didn't help that writer Gerry Duggan had previously released the well liked Hawkeye Vs Deadpool miniseries, demonstrating it was possible to write a more "goofy" Hawkeye while still staying faithful to the characters, leading some to wish ''he'' was writing the main book instead of Lemire.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Lucky, or Pizza Dog, as everyone calls him. The Eisner-winning issue #11 of Vol. 4 is even told almost entirely from his perspective!
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • As time has gone on, fans of the comic character have grown increasingly bitter about the MCU and how it's adapted Clint. They Changed It, Now It Sucks! is a large sticking point, but him being Out of Focus is also drawn on. Being played by Jeremy Renner, who over time became an increasingly polarising choice due to both looking nothing like the character and his actor gaining a lot of controversy off-screen, doesn't help. Nor, does the fact the comics' attempt at synergy with the films meant that much of the changes made to Hawkeye in the films got imposed over the comics, such as erasing his costume and canonising the Memetic Loser status. This tends to be quite one-sided though, as the MCU version is so unpopular, fans of it just don't care enough about Hawkeye to protest, and very few would argue the films have done anything to improve his character.
      • This directly plays into the Ship-to-Ship Combat going on between Hawkeye/Mockingbird and Hawkeye/Black Widow. Comic fans are overwhelmingly in-favour of Clint and Bobbi, because they were married for a decade, are still in love now and only broke up because of issues they just needed more time to resolve, and how fun they were together. MCU fans though are overwhelmingly in-favour of Clint and Natasha, largely because their comic loves aren't adapted and the love stories they were given in the movies weren't very strong, while their own friendship and bond is so strong many adored it.
    • Naturally, with the Marvel/DC rivalry, Hawkeye and Green Arrow, by virtue of being the two most notable Archer Archetype superheroes, resulting in many "who's better" debates. These can get pretty toxic at times too, especially when it comes to fans who are only actually familiar with the MCU and CW versions.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Pizza Dog. (The dog's real name is Arrow, but he's been rechristened as Lucky.)
    • Hawkguy; see Memetic Mutation below.
      • On the same lines, Kate gets "Lady Hawkguy" to a lesser extent.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Hawkeye and Mockingbird are by-far the most popular coupling for those two within the comics fandom, thanks to their history and years of being the Official Couple. For the film audience, it's Hawkeye/Black Widow, largely as a result of Mockingbird not being present and Bucky Barnes's history with Natasha being Adapted Out.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • Clint's entire relationship with Jessica is this among many fans who felt that it came out of left field. Some people acknowledge the relationship but say that it ended before Hawkeye Vol. 4.
    • Almost everything Brian Bendis does with Clint; Bendis has near-universally recieved criticism for his use of Clint, generally writing him as a one-note jackass while ignoring a lot of his core character traits (most notably, his no-killing policy, as Bendis has him itching to go for the kill shot). Because of that, even people who like Bendis's Avengers stuff generally don't enjoy his writing of Hawkeye. If it hadn't reached fandom discontinuity before, it most certainly did after Civil War II took it even further with Clint killing a non-threatening Bruce Banner because he believed he was about to kill them all.
    • It's not uncommon for Hawkeye/Mockingbird shippers to ignore the Phantom Rider incident, if not their divorce entirely, due to Clint being such a jerk during the entirety of it, and/or because they're uncomfortable with Rape as Drama. Even if some acknowledge it, they usually try to emphasise Clint realising how much of a jerk he was. Inversely, pretty much every fan chooses to ignore Chelsea Cain's attempt at retconning it out, as rather then just erase the event from history she chose to keep it but make the relationship consensual, with Bobbi merely "letting" Clint think it was rape; as this causes extensive Unintentionally Unsympathetic issues by trivialising rape, even fans who enjoyed/defended the rest of the run or didn't like the original event choose to ignore this.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Pizza Dog/Lucky's original name was Arrow.
    • In MAD's parody of the 2012 Avengers movie, Hawkeye notes what a stupid idea a boomerang arrow is. One Fraction story involves Clint using a boomerang arrow and it actually works.
  • Ho Yay: Clint has buckets of this with Steve Rogers, Henry Pym, Bucky Barnes (some circles even like the two paired with Natasha and Bobbi as an OT4), and in recent years with Deadpool of all people. The latter is more one-sided from Deadpool's side, but Clint is one of the few people who seems more amused by Deadpool's antics rather than the typical annoyed response most have.
    • Clint and Tony Stark have more then their fair share of moments
    • Matthew Rosenberg, who wrote Freefall and Tales of Suspense, has admitted he ships Clint and Bucky, and that much of the Ho Yay between them was deliberate. What's more, he claims he'd make it canon if Marvel would let him.
  • Iron Woobie: Clint, Bobbi, and Kate have all suffered immensely, the former two especially (see below for details), but despite that remain steadfast heroes who tend to get back up and get back to it, no matter how hard they get knocked down. Or how often.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • At his worst, Clint can be a real jerk, but it's usually when his own self-loathing has boiled to the point he's lashing out, and even when it's not, he gets so much shit that one can't help but understand why he'd be so obnoxious. To a lesser extent, both Bobbi and Kate, largely for similar reasons.
    • Barney is even moreso one, being he used to take out his own misery on Clint when they were children, abandoned him for being too idealistic, then fell into a life of crime. He was killed, then later revived, which he blamed Clint for, becoming a supervillain solely to hurt him, and though they patched things up, he was nearly killed protecting Clint and as a result decided to rob his brother so he could escape and start a new life.
    • Swordsman and Trick-Shot, Clint's former mentors, were both assassins and supervillains who enjoyed a lengthy life of crime, and both respectively abused and mistreated Clint while he was studying with them, both in an attempt to beat him into becoming a useful accomplice. However, Swordsman had suffered a traumatic life beforehand that left him cynical and jaded, and though he tried to become a legitimate hero he struggled with his own vices and eventually committed a Heroic Sacrifice. Trick-Shot, meanwhile, enjoyed his life of crime until his vices caught up with him and he developed serious cancer, causing him to struggle with his own mortality for years, eventually being manipulated into training Barney with the promise of treatment, only to instead be beaten, left untreated, and finally dumped on Clint's doorstep so he could die. They were real sons-of-bitches in their lives, but they both suffered enough and died in such ways one can't help but pity them, and their deaths were still hard on Clint despite what they did.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships:
  • Magnificent Bastard: Kazimierz "Kazi" Kazimierczak, aka "Clown", is a deadly mercenary who has covered his identity and tracks so well over the years that he operates with impunity in showing his face and leaving his trademarks at crime scenes. With dozens of successful assassinations to his name, Clown personally takes on Hawkeye and his brother, crippling the latter while leaving Hawkeye deaf from the thrashing Clown dispenses. So charming that Kate Bishop crushes on his public guise and so efficient that his employers trust him with total control of their assets, Clown takes on both Hawkeye and Kate at once even after having his arm wounded, nearly killing them both with his tactics and skill.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Hawkeye Initiative, with hilarious results. (NSFW.)
    • From the Marvel NOW! series, "Hawkguy" and "bro".
    • Hawkward! (Used as a result of the many, many, uncomfortable romantic situations Clint's been involved in.)
    • The "Hawkblock", using Clint's face in his old costume to cover his crotch in one issue, was so popular it became a T-shirt.
    • "Gosh, I love arrows."
    • All three of Kate's major love interests ended up being, or later coming out as bisexual. Two of them began relationships with men after breaking up with her, and they're overall more stable relationships than what they had with Kate. This lead to many memes about this not being a coincidence, but Kate driving men away from women.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • Crosses into Never Live It Down. Some people seem to exaggerate Clint and Kate's dynamic from the Fraction/Aja comic. In canon, Clint praised her abilities and she saved his life about three times in the first ten issues, two instances of which also included him saving her life, and while clumsy and uneducated, he's still shown to be street smart, tactical, and a a highly capable fighter. However, a few embarrassing defeats and Amusing Injuries seems to have warped fan opinion into Hawkeye being a loser who can't fight without Kate's backup who's constantly being saved by her, which is either used to turn Kate into a Memetic Badass, or for those more critical, accuse it of undoing years of character development (or outright just being out of character), even if it didn't do anything that wasn't present in earlier and recent works involving the character.
    • Even when Clint is depicted as a capable team member, the Fraction run seems to have cemented his reputation as being both "the world's finest archer" and "the world's worst decision-maker". According to Agent of Asgard, he somehow managed to get the army after him in a fishing videogame.
    • Outside of comics, the character has unfortunately developed a reputation as the most useless member of the Avengers. A lot of this can be traced back to his less than impressive portrayal in The Avengers, which was most of the mainstream public's first exposure to the character. His perceived uselessness has been joked about by stand-up comedians like Patton Oswalt and even in TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Robot Chicken, with some arguing that Hawkeye has basically become Marvel's Aquaman.
  • My Real Daddy: Matt Fraction didn't create Kate, but he shaped her relationship with her mentor and predecessor as well as expanded on her personality so much that its had the most lasting effect, never mind how his run introduced her to people who had never previously read the Young Avengers.
    • Kelly Thompson has also became something of Kate's real mom, building off of the threads Fraction left behind when he departed Marvel, including fleshing out her dad's criminal enterprises and connections, giving Kate's mom some depth, giving Kate civilian friends, and a new status quo.
  • Narm Charm: His old, purple costume; is widely considered to be silly, but also part of his appeal. So much so that his modern, more serious look is considered a downgrade by some.
    • His Trick Arrows. The vast majority of what we see are ridiculous and physically questionable, especially if one stops to think how he manages to so accurately fire projectiles that must be incredibly off-balance. However, people love how fun they are, gimmick wise, and appreciate the non-lethal nature of most of them, making his gimmick perfectly superheroy. The MCU ditching most of them for explosives and tasers is one of the things pointed to as to what makes him so boring in the movies, how it's effectively erased his range and the fun nature of his gimmick.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Hawkeye had sex with a doombot. To this day, a lot of fans still mock him about it.
    • David Aja drawing him with bandages, which has cemented the idea in people's minds that he gets his ass kicked constantly.
    • Strangely averted with how he treated Mockingbird when he found out she killed Phantom Rider. Though even his most ardent fans consider him unquestionably wrong, most also appreciate how he had Character Development that made him realise he was being a tool. Outside of the worst detractors, most forgive him for being such an asshole and it doesn't come up that often. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Bobbi herself, since Phantom Rider has since became her most reoccurring nemesis.
    • Kate's more Deadpan Snarker moments in Fraction's run, though most prominently her character exaggeration in All-New Hawkeye is this for some, who decry her as an obnoxious and spoiled rich girl who got shilled at Clint's expense. Years later, there are fans who still can't stand Kate, even as she's developed further into just being a quirky and upbeat heroine and had her dynamic with Clint ironed into a strong mutually supportive friendship.
  • Older Than They Think:
    • A lot of people accuse his relationship and marriage to Mockingbird as an attempt by Marvel to rip-off DC's Green Arrow and Black Canary. This is despite the fact that Arrow and Canary only got married during the 2000s after decades of Will They or Won't They?, while Clint and Bobbi got married almost as soon as they met, leading to a very different relationship dynamic.
    • Matt Fraction's run get some flak for the handling of Clint, namely him being depicted as a flawed man with a tendency to get comically injured during fights. Both traits actually have been present beforehand (most recently Jim McCann and David Lopez's Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Widowmaker, which had both scenes of Clint making a fool of himself during an attempt at espionage, and showcased Clint was still a very flawed man).
    • Some accused Fraction of giving Kate severe Badass Decay in her later solo adventures in his series. They seemed to overlook how during the earlier issues where she worked with Clint, Kate was shown several times being overpowered or caught off-guard when by herself (much like how Clint was shown often getting in over his head when on his own), never mind that before the series started, Kate was never depicted as any more exceptional than other non-powered teen heroes.
    • The idea of a boomerang arrow actually appeared before Fraction's run. Hawkeye had used a similar arrow in John Byrne's well-beloved Avengers run against a Flash Expy.
  • Pandering to the Base:
    • The comics reviving the Hawkeye/Black Widow ship, after years of them being Better as Friends who were happily in love with other people, which largely seems motivated by the popularity of the ship from the MCU side. Ship-to-Ship Combat naturally comes in, as right before this happened, both Black Widow and Bucky Barnes and Hawkeye and Mockingbird had had reconciliations in their respective books (Natasha and Bucky had reunited in the pages of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's Black Widow run, while Clint and Bobbi had renewed their relationship by the end of Chelsea Cain's short-lived Mockingbird run), making the sudden pairing of Natasha/Clint largely come out of nowhere.
    • To some extent, the highly controversial way Clint became a Butt-Monkey in recent years post Avengers, as it largely stems from the Memetic Loser reputation the movie gave him. Writers for some reason decided to canonise the idea and began writing Clint as a genuine joke, while Kate Bishop Took a Level in Badass thanks to her Memetic Badass nature.
  • Ship Mates: Hawkeye/Mockingbird and Black Widow/Bucky Barnes tend to go hand-in-hand. It helps that the former reunited around the same time as the latter became a thing, and due to their close proximity, with Clint and Bobbi showing up together a few times in the latter's books, there became significant fandom overlap. Conversely, Hawkeye/Bucky and Mockingbird/Widow similarly go together, never mind the third option of Hawkeye/Mockingbird/Widow/Bucky.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Bobbi/Clint vs Natasha/Clint, which is largely something of an extension of the Fandom Rivalry between comic!Clint fans and movie!Clint fans. Natasha/Clint and Natasha/Bucky also, for largely similar reasons, which in itself became a sorta-canon war with Bucky and Clint reviving their initial animosity over mutual jealousy regarding Natasha.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Over time, this has became the view of the MCU version of the characternote , particularly as he's the version most audiences know of, and thus many resent how that is how Clint is viewed. There's also the issue that, because Marvel's obsession with "movie synergy" during the 2010s, this meant Clint in the comics stopped wearing his colourful costume, became a SHIELD agent, was distanced from the other Avengers and other friends outside of Black Widow (and Kate Bishop), and became subject to his movie-born Memetic Loser status getting canonised. Fans of the character prior to 2012 are really not happy with it.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Clint's Rogues Gallery is woefully underutilized.
    • Crossfire is a particularly notable example. Despite seemingly being Clint's Archenemy, he only shows up every once in a while, and interacts with Hawkeye even less often. It's a shame too, since he's a Badass Normal with a memorable design and a cool Consummate Professional personality, who also has a great deal of personal animosity towards Clint and Bobbi.
    • The Silencer was an assassin hired by Crossfire who had the ability to cloak sound around him. Sadly, he was tossed down a smokestack by Hawkeye in his second appearance, and hasn't appeared since.
    • Much of the complaints fans of the character have against the MCU is this happening to him in the movies. Of the core six Avengers, Clint is the least developed and utilised, and does the least in terms of actually taking part or helping to stop the general threats.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • For the most part Kate's ongoing is pretty solid, but one thing many were annoyed by was how the series could have given an opportunity to crossover with the LA-local heroes like Runaways or Robbie Reyes, which never happened (in Kate's book, at least; she and Robbie did team-up in The Unbelievable Gwenpool though). Not to mention, none of the Young Avengers got to appear either (at best, America and Kate teamed-up in America's ongoing), which given how many had been in limbo during this time (Eli Bradley and Tommy Shepherd, for instance), would have been welcomed, but instead Kate gets a new supporting cast and the only hero to drop by, besides Clint, is Jessica Jones.
    • The numerous Aborted Arc stories noted on the main page, particularly ones from Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Most notably, the fact Bobbi and Clint's break-up at the end of Ghosts was only intended to be a temporary break-up, and there was obvious seeds for a reconciliation, they just needed to work through some personal demons. As Clint then just hooks up with Spider-Woman, and subsequent writers have chosen to ignore Bobbi's PTSD and Clint's growing anger issues, one can't help but regret that we never got to see them overcome these issues.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Its not entirely clear who's supposed to be the sympathetic one, but the conflict between both Hawkeyes in Lemire's run results in neither of them looking good. Kate should be the one we side with, wanting to protect the horribly experimented-on kids from Project Communion, except she comes off as extremely self-righteous while also acting borderline abusive toward Clint that its hard to sympathise with her. Clint, however, doesn't come across to well either, as while he's trying to help Kate and the kids, his way of "helping" involves willingly turning the kids over to HYDRA of all people, knowing full well they'll be used as weapons throws any chance of sympathy out the door.
  • The Woobie:
    • Clint. Oh, boy. Abused as a child, constantly mistreated and screwed over by the people he cared about up until adulthood, and as a result of becoming a superhero at 20, he's never gained life skills outside of heroics and so has little to no life outside of it. His romantic life is a long list of heartbreaks from short-lived messy relationships, with him losing the love of his life because of his own stubbornness, and being unable to make things work when they got back together. The traumas he's experienced as a hero (which include losing friends, lovers, children he'd came to see as his own, and even his own death once or twice) have left him suffering quietly from serious depression, which he suffers alone because he's too stubborn to seek help when he needs it.
    • Mockingbird. Was a nerdy scientist before being recruited to become a super-spy, something that lead to her being taken hostage, framed as a rogue agent and hunted like a dog, shot and nearly killed, before going solo and becoming a superhero. Her marriage to Hawkeye broke down after she was raped by another superhero, Phantom Rider, who has haunted her ever since she killed him, meanwhile she's also been abducted by skrulls, shot and nearly killed, suffer Mind Rape after SHIELD abandoned her in an AIM base, had multiple attempts at rebuilding her life implode, all the while also having her skills as a scientist and a hero downplayed and ignored by others who only see her as a pretty figure.
    • Kate. She's either a survivor of rape at 14 who trained herself to be a hero after, or someone who was abducted by supervillains at a much younger age who then took up training. After becoming a Young Avenger, she saw the team implode, then after Clint drove her away, her attempt to be a solo "Hero for Hire" lead to her being financially cut off by her father, repeatedly being beaten up by Life Model Decoys, nearly killed several times by an extremely petty supervillain way out of her league, and discovered her father was a supervillain. She later had her mother's death drug back up, discovering later that her mom was alive but had become a vampire.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: Despite being one of the Avengers' earliest members, and the longest lasting Badass Normal member, Clint has struggled to get the same kind of respect Captain America or Iron Man get outside of universe.
    • He gets it especially bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though mostly from critics rather than fans. Basically, since he couldn't take Loki on in a fight (bear in mind, Loki caught him by surprise & held his own in fights against Thor & Captain America), got brainwashed, and was something of a Distressed Dude for Black Widow to save, combined with not having superpowers and running out of arrows in the final fight, a lot of critics took to dismissing him as the lame member of the team, ignoring how he almost single-handedly took down the Helicarrier. It hasn't been helped by his lack of focus in the films, being almost completely absent from Phase 2 thanks to scheduling difficulties with Jeremy Renner. This was especially damaging since he was originally scheduled to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he likely would have been given a more impressive showing than in The Avengers (since the lack of other high-powered superheroes would have removed the Overshadowed by Awesome factor). This has been somewhat mitigated by later films in the MCU where Clint gets more focus and better demonstrates his personality and capabilities as a Badass Normal, resulting in a somewhat more positive reception.
    • To a similar extent, this has affected Mockingbird too, by virtue of being Adapted Out of the MCU films and only appearing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the most overlooked outing in the MCU and one now rendered largely non-canon. Essentially, as she's only known to comic audiences, and even there is quite an obscure character mostly known for wearing a "Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda" T-shirt, it's not uncommon for her to be dismissed. This got particularly bad after MCU Black Widow took to using Bobbi's signature weapons, leading to the popular perception that staves are Widow's weapons, and thus lead to Bobbi being accused of It's the Same, Now It Sucks!, despite this being her weapon firstnote . With Bobbi listed on the data-mined list of upcoming characters for Marvel's Avengers, some people were remiss at the idea due to a perception she'd just be a worse Natasha, who is also seen as the weakest character in the game.


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