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Heartwarming / Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

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  • Shaggy and Scooby find a way to join Velma in her Mind Palace by sharing Scooby Snax with her.
    • Also, her Mind Palace being the Mystery Machine is quite sweet, especially when she says it's where she's most comfortable.
  • Daphne offering to de-owl Shag and Scoob.
  • Elvira seems oddly flattered by Daphne's attempt to subsume her life.
  • Mike waving his sleeping daughter's hand good-bye to Mystery Inc after the adventure is over.
  • The gang being invited to join the party at the end.
  • It does have some creepy vibes to it (...and depending on how tight your Shipping Goggles are, you could argue it's a Stalker with a Crush situation note ) but in a bizarre way, it is kind of sweet that Scarecrow crashed a Halloween parade to try and meet one of his idols rather than his usual motivations of revenge, mad science, or For the Evulz. Heck, it's implied that he wouldn't have done anything evil but lost control of his impulses, that's some progress at Arkham at least.
  • Dr. Crane doesn't betray Mystery Incorporated after Velma frees him, fearlessly taking on the Alpha Pumpkin while telling the others to run. He may be a supervillain, but he's not an ingrate.