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Funny / Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

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  • When Velma unmasks the Haunted Scarecrow (jack-o'-lantern head) to reveal the Scarecrow underneath (burlap mask), Elvira asks him if he's sweaty in there.
  • Elvira greets the Mystery Incorporated group (sans Shag and Scoob) by calling "Hey, nerds." She's amused when they all turn to look at her.
  • Bill Nye can be overheard discussing the Fridge Logic of Aquaman with a trick-or-treater, made even funnier when you remember that they're dealing with a member of Batman's Rogues Gallery. As in, the same Batman who works with Aquaman regularly.
    • Also, the fact that Nye apparently runs on and on and on about said Fridge Logic, to the point where the trick-or-treaters' parents practically plead with him to stop and let them haul their kids home for bedtime.
  • Mike doesn't react well to Shaggy offering him a Scooby Snack.
  • Velma tells Scarecrow that she doesn't believe he was attacking Elvira, because he doesn't seem to be a crazed fan. He points out that he's quite mad, and he wrote Elvira a fan letter, so he is both crazed and a fan (he also says Velma is correct that he had no intention of attacking Elvira).
  • Scarecrow being completely unfazed by a buzzsaw cutting the prison van even as it's barely close to cutting him. Makes sense, after all, he's from Gotham City; where stuff like this is a normal Tuesday (just minus the mutant pumpkins...probably).
  • The Scarecrow tells Elvira that he's a big fan of her work. She replies that with an outfit like his, he'd better be.
  • This exchange:
    Velma: Shaggy, I could kiss you!
    Scooby: Awww!
    Shaggy: Wow. That escalated quickly.
  • Daphne's attempting to pull a variation of Kill and Replace (non lethal) on Elvira...and has apparently done this before with Phyllis Diller, whom the gang solved three cases with before catching wise.
    • Daphne's expression when Velma calls her out has to be seen to be believed.
  • When Elvira agrees to let Daphne borrow her wig to complete the look, she takes it off revealing that she's bald underneath...and that her 'wig' is actually a live macaque that needs to be fed every few hours to keep it docile. And yet, Daphne is fine with this so long as she now completely looks like Elvira.