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Heartwarming / Glory

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  • Upon hearing that there is to be a regiment comprised of black soldiers, Thomas tells Shaw that he's his first volunteer.
  • Upon finding out his troops were getting paid less then white troops of the same rank, Shaw tears up his paycheck in solidarity with their protest. For extra heartwarming, the pay protest actually happened. And in Real Life, it was Shaw himself who instigated it.
  • After finishing their training, the 54th march in a parade through town. Sergeant-Major Mulcahy stands on the sidelines, saluting them as they go by and looking so damn proud.
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  • Trip telling the 54th Infantry that "Y'all's the onliest family I got". Bonus points for adding that he's not worried about the terrible battle the 54th is facing the next day, because he knows they will die as men.
  • The scene of the 54th advancing down the lines of other Union soldiers to get to Fort Wagner in total silence...until one man, who had earlier belittled and insulted the black regiment when they were being used just for labor, yells "Give 'em hell, 54th!" at which point everyone starts cheering them on.