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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The fact that Casey seems to have been able to overcome her trauma as we get a brief shot of her walking down the halls in her school with a smile.
  • The scene where Casey is "researching" in her foster home, which is obviously packed with other children; she feels comfortable and safe enough to sit in a communal space and doesn't flinch at being hugged unexpectedly by the others.
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  • Casey seemingly trying to appeal to Kevin's humanity (or at least one of the more noble personalities such as Barry).
  • Elijah's mother visiting him in the asylum and urging him not to give up. It's entirely possible that her faith in him was what kept him going for 19 years.
  • Joseph becoming David's Number Two.
  • Elijah seems to have befriended many of the personalities, notably Hedwig who he acts almost sort of fatherly to.
  • In a somewhat twisted way, Elijah is responsible for David regaining his belief in his powers.
    Elijah: A lot of people are going to die, Overseer. If you don't. Get through. That door!
  • Joseph, Casey and Mrs. Price each remember fond memories of David, Kevin and Elijah before they reveal the existence of superhuman beings to the world.
  • Joseph flashing back to the scene in Unbreakable where David shows his son the newspaper report of his rescue, and a wordless understanding and bond in created between them and the secret they share. Now with David's death, this re-use of it shows that his belief in his dad remains steadfast. Then, Casey thinks about the moment in Split where the Beast chose to spare Casey and walk away after seeing her scars. It highlights the empathy each of them shared towards the other, over their traumatic childhoods involving a vicious parent. Finally, Mrs. Price recalls when she gave a young Elijah his first ever comic book as a gift, depicted in Unbreakable. Although this kind of obsession did grow into terrorism, she still loved him and appreciated that for all the time he spent wallowing over his brittle bone disease, there was just as much longing and determination to find a meaningful purpose in the world. As the footage is finally viewed by people around the three, Joseph, Casey and Mrs. Price hold hands, hopeful that this growing change can finally avenge their loved ones and inspire good in many who will look up to them. It's also worth noting that in this scene, each of the three is wearing the signature colour of the person whose memory they're representing (Joseph in green, Casey in yellow, and Mrs. Price in purple respectively).
    Mrs. Price: I know what this is. This is the moment we are let in on the universe.
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  • There's a scene in the hospital where guards approach one of the alters and he freaks out. Hedwig takes over and chides the guards that the alter "doesn't like to be touched". There was no need for Hedwig to do that, other than to remove the other alter from a stressful situation.
  • Jai, the chicken wings guy from Split, returns and reveals himself to be the drug dealer from Unbreakable who has gone clean. In a world of literal superheroes, such a comparatively small turnaround is oddly inspiring.


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