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G.I. Joe works with their own Heartwarming pages


  • G.I. Joe # 97: Baroness has lost all the meaning to her life as a terrorist and leaves Cobra. Destro finds her packing and decides to leave with her, tossing his metal mask aside.
    Baroness: You would give up wearing the Destro family mask? Turn your back on centuries of tradition? Abdicate your position as head of M.A.R.S.? You'd give all that up for me?
    Destro: I would give up more than that...
    • This is later shown to be a great character development for her, going from manipulating Billy into an assassination attempt on his father, Cobra Commander, to being a part of his life, with her and Destro welcoming him into their home.
    • Made even better when you note this is the first time Destro's face is shown. He kept that mask on through absolutely everything on the field. Now when we see his face, it is not some big dramatic moment where an enemy is forcing him to remove the mask, but because he chooses to do so for the woman he loves. Aww.
  • GI Joe vs. The Transformers volume 3 has Scarlett and Snake Eyes captured by the Decepticons. In their makeshift prison, they share a tender moment.
    Scarlett: I've...I've seen you looking at me.
    (Snake-Eyes pulls back)
    Scarlett: No. Don't pull away. I-I look at you too. There's a grace to you...some kind of beauty. It's like nothing I've ever seen. It...draws me to you. But I can't hear your voice. And I can't see your eyes. So when you look at me, I don't know what you're thinking...what you feel. We might die here. I know you hide your face... that you're ashamed of your scars. But, I want to see your eyes.
    (pause, then Snake Eyes removes his mask)
    Scarlett: I see now. You don't need to say a thing.
    (They embrace and tenderly kiss each other.)
    • Followed up at the end of Volume 3 with Snake Eyes sticking a note on her back: "Who needs mechs? Tag. You're it." Scarlett takes it and goes, "Why, Mr. Snake Eyes, are you trying to continue our game?" She then chuckles, "You little flirt."

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