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Quotes / G.I. Joe

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This is a list of quotes from the G.I. Joe comics line, from Marvel to IDW.

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"We're soldiers...our job is to follow do the impossible — and make it look easy."
General Hawk.

"Being conspicuous don't bother Roadblock at all."


"Cover Girl! You never looked so good!""Or smelled this bad! P.U.!"

Gung Ho and Cover Girl after the latter wound up in a dump-truck.

     Devil's Due. 
"You were engineered with such potential, Serpentor. But you lack the most important DNA of all...Mine."
Cobra Commander.

"Standing order #1 is 'do not leave anybody behind—Except for Snake-Eyes.'."

"Oy! There's Destro and the Baroness!"I can drop my ruse then.""Good thing. I was beginning to forget it was really you...""Let's not go there, Buzzer."
Buzzer and Zartan. Guess who the latter was disguised as.

"This isn't fair! How am i supposed to conquer the world with so many accursed restrictions?!"

Cobra Commander.

"There's going to be G.I. Joe toy's? Now I've heard everything."

Duke responding to Gen. Colton's reassurance about the Joes not being a secret group anymore in the 2013 series.