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Headscratchers / G.I. Joe

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G.I. Joe General

  • Anyone ever wondered why the G.I. Joe logo has the flag of the Netherlands on it? A Real American Hero!... From the Netherlands.
    • Pshaw. Everyone knows that there's only one awesome nation using those colors today. Though in all seriousness, it was probably done to keep the white part of Red, White, and Blue in the middle, preventing too much blending in/bleeding out when the logo was placed on a white background.

G.I. Joe Comics

  • In both the original ARAH comics and the Snake Eyes: Declassified redux, Onihashi kills himself after making it clear he knows Zartan did it. Why couldn't Onihashi hold off on the seppuku long enough to tell someone who the assassin was? The clan and remaining elders wouldn't hold Thomas responsible, Snake Eyes wouldn't have that grudge going on, and Thomas wouldn't have had to join Cobra to discover his uncle's killer, thus avoiding his Face–Heel Turn and repeated brainwashings. Literally all the Arashikage-related problems could have been solved, save for the Hard Master dying in the first place, if Onihashi hadn't taken his knowledge about Zartan's role to the grave. Is it Honor Before Reason? Lawful Stupid?
    • Another thing that's odd is Zartan going through with the assassination after forging that first sword. Cobra Commander threatens to reveal the plot to the clan... except during his entrance he was told they could already sense he had dark intentions. Confessing would probably lead to them nodding their heads and Zartan being accepted as a full-fledged Arashikage.

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