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Heartwarming / George of the Jungle

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  • In '08 series episode "George Lays An Egg", George cares for an egg that he mistakenly thinks is his. Made more heartwarming by the egg hatching to reveal a baby Tooky Tooky.
  • From the first movie, the scene in which George and Ursula are dancing around the fire to "Dela". Especially when you factor that Ursula was reluctant to do so based off of Western social anxieties until George points out that he's the only person around and he wants to see her dance. You can tell the two actors had fun doing this scene.
    • There's several more moments preceding this. We start with George explaining how he got his juju (good luck charm) from a crocodile who had a toothache. Then Ursula giving him her a plastic ring she found in a cereal box, which George calls "nicest present George ever get".
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  • George explaining why he never feels embarassed for being silly:
    George: George never feel stupid. Sometimes George swing into tree. And sometimes- (he falls out of his treehouse) Sometimes George fall out of treehouse. But not feel stupid. Something good always happens after. George just lucky, I guess.
  • The scene where George and Ursula console a capuchin monkey who isn't being accepted by the other monkeys, and works out a plan to get the monkeys to like him by getting a lion to show up and having the little monkey 'scare' him off by beating his chest and telling a Tarzan yell. Especially when the lion winks at George from the bushes later.
  • Admit it,you fans of the old cartoon; when you first saw this movie, the first time that theme kicked in, you were smiling and tapping your feet, right?


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