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Heartwarming / Felidae

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  • Francis' interactions with Felicity. So adorable, it's no wonder the two of them are shipped.
  • "I swear... whoever murdered Felicity... is going to pay. YOU HEAR THAT, YOU BASTARD!? I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY!"
  • In the novel, Jesaja is lured out of the catacombs and gets adopted by a bartender.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Bluebeard goes out of his way protecting Francis by talking down a gigantic cat.
    Francis: Sounds like me like you're back tracking a little, aren't 'cha?
    Bluebeard: You don't say. And what makes you think so?
    Francis: Well... You told them I'm your friend.
    Bluebeard: *grunts*


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