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  • Bluebeard and Francis coming across the Kama Sutra art while investigating a house.
    Francis: Who lives here? An art collector, or a pimp?
  • In the movie, Kong seems to be a cat crossed with a bulldog. What other experiments was Pretarius doing?
  • Bluebeard, being The Comically Serious, is a whole truckload full of these.
  • Francis' reaction to the suicide cult- "What I was watching wasn't exactly a scene out of The Aristocats."
    • What makes this more hilarious is that it essentially describes the whole movie.
  • Francis mimicking Bluebeard when he complains about being tired and hungry.
    Francis (original German version): "I'm hungry, I'm tired, I yearn for cod- my god!"
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  • Pretarius' drunken rants as his experiments fail and he spirals into alcoholism straddle the line between disturbing and uncomfortably funny.
    Pretarius: (looking at Pascal/Claudandis in his cage) This cat... has no sense of humor.


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