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  • In the '60s revival series, "The Search" has Friday and Gannon looking for two little girls of a divorced couple who disappeared. They go to the father who, as it turns out, is a recovering alcoholic and working hard so he can be fit to return to their lives. At the end they find the girls, safe and asleep. A dog they befriended 'protects' them until his owner arrives. The ending says the father regained visitation rights.
  • "The Big Little Jesus" , where the small boy takes the child Jesus statue for the first ride in his new wagon.
    • Also, the priest understands what he's there fir. When Friday asks if the church will even welcome thieves the Padre, probably thinking of Saint Dismas, says, "Especially thieves."
  • In the final episode of the Sixties series, we get what looks like the Once an Episode banter between Friday and Gannon as Gannon claims to have started a diet—then we learn that Gannon gave his dinner money to the homeless man whose total worldly wealth of seventy-six cents was stolen.
  • In "The Bank Examiner Swindle", one of the elderly victims was a former minor movie star. After Friday and Gannon question her, she sadly admits that with her savings gone she's going to have to try and get back into movies. Before they leave, Gannon turns back and gently asks her to sign an autograph for him. Smiling, she does and he thanks her.
    Friday: I didn't know you collected autographs.
    Gannon: I don't.
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  • One episode of the Sixties series focuses on a police retreat to answer racial matters. We meet two Noble Bigots with Badges, one white and the other black. But by the end, they are both well on their way to overcoming their respective racial prejudices, and we see the seeds of a friendship between them.
  • From The Movie: "Read him his rights...Pep". It's the first time Friday calls Streebeck by his first name, who told him earlier that "Friendships start with first names... Joe."
    • And before that, when Da Chief gives Friday his badge back, admitting that he didn't have it in him to make Friday's suspension permanent.
  • Those sadly rare occasions the perpetrator of a truly heinous crime is genuinely sorry for it.

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