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Headscratchers / Dragnet

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  • In The Movie, during the Virgin Sacrifice scene, how is it Friday, Streebek, nor the Virgin Connie Swail (or even the snake) weren't even affected by those chemicals, after it had been explained at least twice that mixed together they form a liquid fertilizer that, "Burns the eyes, noses, throat, and lungs, induces vomitting, and if continually inhaled, death"?
    • The chemicals weren't used then, they were intended to be used to assassinate Jerry Caesar and the Mayor later in the movie.
  • What role did the milk factory play into PAGAN's whole scheme, if any? It looks for all the world like Friday raided the wrong business when it was the catering company next door that was actually the front for P.A.G.A.N., but then Muzz comes out of Alphonse & Gaston and waves a milk truck out from their cargo bay. If they were using the milk factory's equipment to mix the poison, were the people running the factory simply unaware of it or were they complicit?
  • How is it that an anal-retentive, law-abiding cop, like Joe Friday, would drive up at the beginning of the film an park in front of a fire hydrant?
    • He wouldn't. I chalk that up to a production goof.

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