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Under her true name, Flobelle Mirada (the White-Dwarf Starlet in The Big Bank Examiners) is best known for appearing in a movie used on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
She apparently appeared in B movies for the most part, and had no starring roles in any mega-hits or classics.
In at least one episode from The '50s, Friday or Romero/Jacobs/Lockwood/Smith represents a pre-Face–Heel Turn Drucker.
Joe Friday's father was surnamed "Freitag" until World War I.
Then he anglicized it.
The starlet from "The Startlet" had abusive parents.
Much in line with many of the social commentary records of the late 1960s/early 1970s, the teenager who is ultimately found dead at the end of said episode came from a home where her old-school conservative parents refused to support her dream and in fact actively discouraged it, suggesting she settle in, marry a "good guy" and stay in the kitchen and "not make waves." When Friday has to inform her parents that their daughter is dead and they ask for an explanation about her final words: "To Whom It May Concern," they go off about how she was getting mixed in with the social change of the late 1960s and that they were worried their little "flower" was going to change. Friday then sternly tells them he has no sympathy for them, only pity, as now he wonders why she took her life.

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