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Heartwarming / Crazy Rich Asians

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In General:

  • Nick gives up his inheritance, his respect, and basically everything just to be with Rachel. The fact that Rachel is definitely not someone that his family approves of is just more heartwarming.

Crazy Rich Asians:

  • Rachel’s first encounter with Colin and Araminta. She gets along with them immediately, and they’re incredibly nice and welcoming to her. They’re one of the few rich people in the book who accepts her for who she is.
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  • Araminta, after only knowing Rachel for a few hours, invites her to her bachlorette party. Even though it goes wrong, it really shows the type of person that Araminta is.
  • Charlie buying Michael tech company to save Michael and Astrid’s marriage for three hundred million dollars. He still loves Astrid, no matter what happened to them.

The Movie:

  • Nick and Rachel's night out on the town with Colin and Araminta. It's nice to see Rachel being welcomed by Nick's friends and having a fun, carefree night especially in contrast to how she'll be treated later.
  • Astrid's first scene, where she sees a little girl being ignored by her mother and tells her how cute the bow she tied on her stuffed bunny is.
  • After Michael walks out on Astrid while they are on their way to Colin's and Araminta's wedding she goes to Ah-Mah who wasn't actually going to the wedding. Ah-Mah immediately changes her mind out of a sense of family duty and has Astrid escort her to the wedding thus allowing Astrid to publicly save face and not have to answer uncomfortable questions about why she didn't show with her husband. (No one will question a granddaughter escorting her elderly grandmother to the wedding)
    Astrid: Thank you, Grandma.
    Ah-Mah: Family never says "Thank you".
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  • After Eleanor and Ah-Mah drive Nick and Rachel apart, Rachel stays in the Goh mansion refusing to go out or even leave her room, contact Nick, or eat. The Gohs are concerned about her, at one point having the kids bring Rachel her food to pressure her into eating.
  • Kerry, Rachel's mother, shows up to comfort her and explain her past. Then she reveals it was Nick who asked her to come and urges Rachel to see him one last time before leaving.
  • After getting his mother's blessing, Nick chases down Rachel at the airport right before she leaves and proposes to her again. Then he takes her to a party where all her friends cheer their engagement.
    • He doesn't just propose: he proposes to her with his mother's emerald engagement ring. Eleanor has FINALLY given her approval to Rachel and has let Nick be with her.
    • And during the ending party, Rachel sees Eleanor from a distance — and they both give each other a respectful nod, signifying that maybe their relationship will start to improve.
  • During Araminta’s bachlorette party, Astrid admits to Rachel that her husband, Michael, is having an affair. Considering she has only met Rachel a couple times, it’s very heartwarming that she’d reveal something as big as that to her.
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  • While he's Adapted Out of the first movie, there's plenty of background hints that Nick's father, despite being absent during the events, dearly loves Eleanor as she does for him, considering that he married her despite Ah-Mah's disapproval.

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