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Heartwarming / Brave Command Dagwon

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  • In episode 5, after En was forced to clean the toilets for a week, with no slacking off unless he wanted to get an even worse punishment, the other members of the Dagwon team started helping him do that chore at the end of the episode, making it quite clear that they were indeed True Companions.
  • At the end of the OVA, Deandozol evolves into its final form, but instead of being the Omnicidal Maniac Rai and his Men in Black were warned about, it is a kind-hearted entity who learned human emotion while surveying Earth over the course of eight years after running into En as a child and taking the name of his former dog, while also gaining a discolored version of his appearance. So instead of destroying the Earth, it asks En to return it to Earth as Kenta, deciding that its human form, En, and itself were meant to be together. While it initially seems that Deandozol faded away despite the efforts of Final Dagwon, a photo in the ending shows En and Kenta together. All of this adds up to create one of the most emotional happy endings in the Brave Series.


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