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Heartwarming / The Boy and the Beast

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  • When Hyakushūbō chews out Ren/Kyuta over him going to fight Ichirōhiko, Ren thanks him for caring enough to yell at him. Ren then explains that his motive for fighting is not revenge; and that the reason Ichirōhiko was swallowed by the darkness, yet not himself, is because of the people who raised him - which includes Hyakushūbō and Tatara. Perhaps realizing that this might be their last goodbye, Tatara approaches Ren and hugs him, while sobbing. Hyaku simply stands back, smiling all the same, proud tears in his eyes.
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  • Also on the Awesome page: Kumatetsu becomes a literal sword in Kyuta's soul to help Kyuta defeat Ichirōhiko.

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