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  • Jack and Anne's relationship. It has its ups and downs (Anne's passing infatuation with Max, for example, or Jack being forced to leave her behind to lead a new crew) but it never breaks. In a world almost defined by shifting alliances, they are utterly devoted to one another.
  • Starting in season three, Silver and Madi's relationship. When you consider what a self-absorbed little shit Silver was when we first saw him in season one, it's frankly incredible to watch how deeply devoted he becomes to a woman who is essentially a princess to her people.


  • In an odd way that only Charles Vane can pull off, his killing and beheading of Ned Low. This was a man who had made it clear he wanted nothing more than to torture and rape Eleanor to death. Charles Vane loves Eleanor. So, what does he do? Kill Low in the same manner Low had used to intimidate Eleanor, stabbing him through the neck then sawing his head off with a knife, before putting his head on a spike in the middle of Nassau with a note pinned below it:
    "I angered Charles Vane."


  • Billy's reunion with the crew. To a man, they all get up and crowd around him, and even stoics like DeGroot and Joji crack a smile at seeing him again.




  • This episode has quite a few between Silver and the crew of the Walrus:
    • First, Billy tells Silver about how the latter has a number of votes for quartermaster. When Silver asks if Billy is fine with this, he answers, "Not even remotely." Immediately after, when some of Jenks' men grab Silver and bring him to the captain's cabin, the Walrus crew, to a man, all stand up, and Billy himself tells the men, "That's our brother you've got there. Put him down." It doesn't work because all the Walrus men were shackled, but it's a strong gesture.
    • Then, when Jenks tells Silver to give him the names of ten Walrus men who would be willing to betray their brothers and jump to Jenks' crew, with the implication that the rest would be killed, Silver utterly refuses, even when he is held down and Jenks starts mauling his leg with a hammer.
    • Afterwards, when Silver is getting his leg removed, all of the crew not currently involved in blowing the shit out of Charlestown stand in the room as moral support. It's made clear that even though they're seeing him at his lowest, most vulnerable point, they still have nothing but respect for him. What really makes the scene great is that Silver is clearly terrified, screaming at them that he doesn't want to lose his leg, and yet none of them think any less of him for it.
    Howell: "Would you like me to clear the room?"
    Silver: "Why would I want you to clear the room?"
    Howell: " When the shock sets in, you may lose faculties. Some men lose their bowels. I can do it with as few as three or four men."
    Dooley: "We're not going anywhere."
    (The rest of the men nod in agreement)
    Muldoon: "The crew will look after you. Don't worry about that."


  • Jack Rackham and Charles Vane parting ways for what could very well have been the final time. Their simple exchange, capped with a bro-hug, perfectly encapsulates their entire relationship: full of bickering and disagreements, with its ups and downs, but with a core of love and respect.
    Jack: "Godspeed, Charles."
    Charles: "Fuck you, Jack."
    • From the same episode, when Jack tells Charles he won't be going with him and Teach, the reason he gives is that Teach doesn't like or respect him the way he does Vane, and so Rackham would never feel safe on his crew, always waiting for the day he would be cast aside. Charles' reply is an immediate, "Jack, You know there's no way I'd ever let that happen."


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