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Heartwarming / Baby Blues

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  • A lot of earlier strips involved Darryl coming home from a miserable day at work, only to feel much better when Zoe (then a toddler) would happily greet him at the door.
    Darryl: Talk about your fast-acting non-aspirin pain relievers!
  • One Sunday strip had Wanda (somewhat bitterly) explaining to Zoe that while Darryl goes to work during the day, she stays at home because she thought it was important to stay with Zoe. Zoe's response is to happily say "Ma-ma" and give her a kiss on the cheek; this immediately makes Wanda feel better.
  • Any strip that shows that despite the various stresses in their lives, Darryl and Wanda do truly love each other and their kids. One strip has Darryl coming home from work and seeing a disheveled Wanda with a fighting Zoe and Hammie. His response is to take the children from her, give her a kiss on the cheek, say "My turn," and walk off.
  • In another strip, Wanda goes through the day, seeing images of herself in various mirrors that demonstrate she has pretty low self-esteem about her appearance. Then her phone rings and she picks it up to hear Darryl say, "Hi, beautiful. I just called to say I love you." The last panel shows Wanda's image changing to a glamorous version wearing a black dress and pearl necklace as the real Wanda smiles.
  • When Darryl looks after Zoe when she goes to the bathroom by herself at a diner.
    Zoe: DA-AD! I'm not some baby, you know!
    Darryl: You're right... You're my baby.
    • Just about any strip with Darryl and Zoe bonding in some way is very sweet, especially as she gets older.
  • The "dad school" strip, where Darryl tells Hammie that he's enrolled in "dad school", which is a long, tough program "but it's what I really want to do." He then asks if Hammie wants to help with his homework: playing football.
  • In one strip, Darryl and Wanda go to a Crosby, Stills & Nash concert. When they start singing "Teach Your Children", neither of them has a lighter or a cell phone, so when Wanda asks Darryl to hold up "something that glows", he holds up a picture of Zoe.