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Funny / Baby Blues

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From the comic strip:

  • In one Halloween strip, Daryl is getting ready to show baby Zoe how to carve a Jack-O-Lantern. All the while, Zoe is excitedly chanting, "Punkin!" However, when Daryl inserts the knife to begin carving, Zoe changes her tone to pure horror and panic, with the final panel showing Daryl placing the un-carved pumpkin in the window with a band-aid over its cut.
  • In this strip, Zoe is playing with a yo-yo. Darryl points out that yo-yos are supposed to go down and then back up again. Since hers just went down, she shows it to Wanda and says "Look! A yo!"

From the animated series:

  • In "Rodney Has Two Daddies", an old lady: "I hope someone tries to shoot Carl so I can take the bullet."