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Heartwarming / Angels in the Outfield

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1994 Disney Version

  • Al the Boss Angel (Christopher Lloyd) gets everybody to sing the classic, "Take me Out to the Ball Game".
  • Maggie Nelson give a really good What the Hell, Hero? speech near the end of the film.
    Maggie: Um, excuse me. I'd like to say something on behalf of George Knox.
    Hank Murphy: What's your name? What's your business here?
    Maggie: My name is Maggie Nelson. I take care of foster kids. One of these boys is the child who can see angels. He could stand up right now and tell you what's going on and I'd know you'd just laugh at him. But, when a professional football player drops to one knee to thank God for making a touchdown, nobody laughs at that. Or when a pitcher crosses himself before going to the mound, no one laughs at that either. It's like you're saying it's okay to believe in God, but it's not okay to believe in angels. Now, I thought that they were on the same team.
    Hank Murphy: Is it your belief, ma'am, that angels play baseball?
    Maggie: Since the All-Star break, yes. We all need someone to believe in. Every child I have ever looked after has someone: an angel. You've got to have faith. You've got to believe. You have to look inside yourself. The footprints of an angel are love, and where there is love, miraculous things can happen. I've seen it. (then she calmly and quitely sits back down)
    Mel: I'd also like to say something. I don't know if there are any angels here other than the twenty-five of us in uniform. But I know there is one thing I won't do: I won't play for anyone but George Knox. I believe in him.
    Messmer: That goes for me, too.
    • Then the rest of Angels baseball team, Roger, and J.P. all stand and nod in agreement.
  • The Combined Energy Attack to will a fatigued Mel Clark into getting one more out.
  • Though it hedges into Tear Jerker territory at first, Roger turning down Knox's offer to adopt him, despite being ecstatic over having a father again, because "I can't leave J.P.". Knox responds, in a tone that implies it should be obvious, "I could never leave J.P.! He's coming too!"
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  • Mel Clark's comeback after having been on the bench all season and considered washed up.
  • A grateful George Knox, after being told by Roger to start Mel, promises Roger and JP that they can have anything they want. Scene cuts to George Knox playing baseball with all the neighborhood kids.

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