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  • In his Game Dev Tycoon video, Dunkey's voiceover doesn't really match up with the video footage.
    • As he's talking about his rhythm game Dance Dance Mans 64, we only see the reception of the game for a second and then a Jump Cut to him making a new game title, all while the voiceover about DDM 64 is still going.
    • When he makes his game Beaverball and talks about it, it then cuts to the reception for Chan's Finest Hour as Dunkey still talks about Beaverball.
    • The reality is that Game Dev Tycoon can actually be a very long game from start to finish, and the rise and fall of Beenis games would've been a video a couple hours long if it was all real-time
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    • The answer is that Dunkey's videos are often overdubbed with scripted additional commentary rather than recorded live. It's particularly noticeable on multiplayer games that have an active voice chat, you can often hear Dunkey in the background in much lower sound quality and then switches to a much higher quality post-recorded voice. The Guns Of Icarus game is a big example.

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