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Headscratchers / The Light Fantastic

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  • Who's the (literally) four-eyed midget on the cover?
    • It's Twoflower, because the illustrator didn't get that "four eyes" meant he wore glasses.


    Size of the pyramid 

  • I' m not very good with numbers, so, what was the joke about the size of the Tsortean Pyramid? Was it supposed to be very tall but ludicrously thin or what?
    • It refers to the various crackpot Pyramidology theories, specifically those surrounding the 'significance' of the measurements of the Great Pyramid.
    • There is a page here on this wiki: Pyramid Power.

    Death's Domain 

  • How is Twoflower sent to Death's Domain?
    • He had a very near-death experience when he was poisoned.

    The Language barrier 
  • How could everyone understand Twoflower in this book when he needed Rincewind to translate for him in The Colour of Magic?
    • The Colour of Magic takes place over approximately 6 months, it can be presumed that they both spend some time learning each other's languages off screen.