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  • Why are Mem, Zen, and Rovu's battle balls look so differently from the others?
    • They are either of higher ranking or their body sizes are too big for them to equip normal size battleballs. The latter is heavily implied as they are of the same species and the only ones who wield these kinds of battle balls so far.

  • Why is it that Mem and Zen seem to never take off their armor?
    • Possibly to prevent normal strains of the virus from infecting them since the battle balls give virus warriors immunity from normal strains. They do seem to take it off though for washing it and themselves since no comments on odor were made.
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    • Maybe they just didn't bring any other clothes into space, a la Legendary Defender.

  • How long has the Virus been a threat for?
    • At least more than 8 years as evidenced by Rovu's seven award wins and Mem and Zen's single award win
    • The episode Noob Raider revealed the existence of an ancient superweapon on Earth capable of destroying all the virus in the universe, implying that the virus has been around for thousands of years.
  • What happened to Tyler's dad and why is he never shown or mentioned
    • He and Tyler's mom might have divorced or that he is deceased. The show never makes it clear on his fate
    • Popular speculation is that he walked out on the family.

  • Where the heck are Kevin's parents
    • They might not ever make an appearance but seem to be present in Cornbury as Kevin does mention his mom
    • Kevin's dad appears in one bumper, and he appears in the background of multiple episodes. According to an animator, there's no official design for Kevin's mom. Said animator also drew herself next to Kevin's dad in the background of one episode and jokingly refers to herself as Kevin's mom.

  • What exactly causes Zen's sleep fighting?
    • Its unknown but is either from trauma from childhood or stress from fighting the virus and training the noobs

  • Why is Count Venamus helping the Virus Creator?

  • How old are both Memnock and Zenblock?
    • The show never states this but taking into account their voices, Manchild behavior, and their appearances in both human and alien forms, they are believed to be somewhere in their early to mid 20's. Yet again it is not known how the calendar on their home planet works and whether it is vastly different from that of Earth's

  • Why does Roach look so different from his parents since he's short and freckled with red hair while his mom and dad don't have any of those traits?
    • Zenblock implies in "Nooby Friday" that Roach's short stature is due to some of the fancy food his parents serve him.

  • What are the powers of the orange and brown colored battle balls.
    • While these battle balls were shown in a couple episodes, the powers and abilities they offer are unknown. This has lead to speculation from the fans that the Noobs will gain at least two more members on their team who will wield the orange and brown battle balls respectively.

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