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  • Why is Dathan's dad never mentioned? The fact that he didn't seem to be in the picture led many to believe that he'd turn out to be the stalker. This doesn't happen. He is mentioned in a comment, on one of the original Reddit posts, but never in the stories themselves. It is stated that even though Dathan's parents weren't together anymore, Dathan still kept in contact with him regularly. Problem is, not everyone has the time or patience to comb through the many comments that the posts got. Postings of the story to other sites (like the Creepypasta Wiki) omit the comments entirely. If one were to read it there, then a mention of his father would be nowhere to be found. Even the expanded book version, which adds in a fair amount of unnecessary information, avoids the topic entirely. It's somewhat conspicuous in its absence.
    • Either it was meant as a Red Herring to twist the readers' expectations, or maybe the original intention was for him to be revealed as the stalker but was ultimately dropped by the end. Or the author just didn't care to focus on that particular aspect and didn't think about the idea he'd be theorized/expected to be the stalker, and so only considered him an afterthought.

  • At the beginning, Dathan's mom casually says something like, "Oh, why don't you tell them about the series of events that traumatized us for life and killed both innocent people and our pet?" Who does that and want to share the story with total strangers?

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