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  • The explanation for why the Trust created the virus (given in the sequel) makes no sense. Dan Wells manages to cover this up fairly well by doling it out in tiny pieces over the course of the book so you don't notice the crazy, but, well... Imagine your boss asks you to raise a guard dog for him. You come to care for the guard dog and don't wanna see it get hurt. So when your boss asks you to make him a failsafe that will kill the guard dog if it ever turns on him, you instead give him a device that, if he ever uses it, will instead give him a deadly disease that can only be cured by that guard dog's saliva, hoping that he'll have to rely on the dog and thus won't be able to hurt it if he ever uses the failsafe device. So far, so good. Now lets imagine that the device will give EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET that deadly disease, including many people who don't live in the same country as your boss and his dog, and that all of them are obviously going to die because how the hell are they gonna get the cure in the three days it takes the disease to kill them? The Partials were strictly an American thing, but viruses don't respect national borders. Even assuming everything went 100% to plan for the Trust, the absolute best outcome is that the genocidal assholes in the government who tried to wipe out the Partials live, while billions of innocents in other countries die for no reason. How the crap is this a better outcome for the world as a whole than one million Partials dying? Are their lives worth billions of non-Partials lives?

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