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Nightmare Fuel / Pen Pal

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The first story, "Footsteps", is about the narrator waking up in the middle of the woods. He wanders for a while until he's able to get back home where he finds his mother crying about the narrator writing a note stating he's running away from home. The narrator wasn't the one who wrote the note.
  • The stalker. He's a bastard who stops at nothing to get the narrator, and when he can't, he settles for Josh. The worst part? He looks completely normal.
    • In "Boxes", Dathan learns the stalker set up a bed in the crawl space under his old house. How long was he under there?
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  • In Screens, Veronica texts Dathan that she wants to meet him at the movie theater to see a movie. When Dathan gets there, she never shows up. Dathan does not realize until a later point that the real Veronica has been dead for weeks and it was the stalker he had been talking to the whole time. Then a man, almost certainly the stalker, takes the seat he reserved for her. He spent hours sitting practically elbow to elbow with the man that had caused him and his family and friends so much torment without even realizing it.
  • The description of what happened to Mrs. Maggie at the end of "Maps". All we know of it is that what's left of her was taken out in garbage bags.
  • When Dathan and Josh are on their makeshift raft, they hear rustling in the woods nearby. After Josh mocks Dathan for calling out "Hello?" to what is most likely an animal that can't respond, they take turns mocking each other. Then they hear it from the woods: "Hello."
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  • Josh's fate isn't exactly a picnic either. The Stalker gets his hands on him, keeps him locked, dolls him up to resemble Dathan, spends two years doing God knows what to him, before tricking Josh's father into unwittingly burying his son alive.
  • And what may be the scariest thing about the story? There are absolutely no supernatural elements in play here. It's completely plausible.

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