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  • Why did Lachlan select Bo as his champion to battle the Garuda anyways? What's particularly special about her that he was aware of?
    • IIRC it had to do with him thinking that attacking the Garuda directly was bad, and that Bo would be able to use her Succubus powers in some way. He was also aware of her ability to bring together light and dark fae, which proved important.
    • In his own words, because she can "attack without attacking".
    • He also said it was because the Garuda's power come from hate and rage, her powers come from lust and love, the opposite.
  • What was the "important role" Dyson was supposed to play in the fight with the Garda? All he did was save Vex from getting killed rather than getting his hand broken, then he got worfed in the final battle like a pro and spent the whole thing unconscious.
    • Being part of the link? He was told it was important, not that it was unique.
    • Well saving Vex was pretty important, given that if Vex had been killed, no-one would have been able to prevent the Garuda from using Trick to unwrite the laws.
  • How can Bo's persuasive talents effect homosexual men if they seem to work by seduction?
    • They work on straight women too. So that leaves A Succubus Did It
    • Because it's not normal seduction. It's succubus powers messing with their hormones.
    • Jep, her powers did work on that gay couple in her counceling, so we may assume that the other ones work as well.
    • Although it is worth noting that after she revved up their libidos they only wanted each other, not her. How much of that was their being gay and how much was due to their pre-existing relationship is debatable.
    • In a previous episode, she did use her powers normally on a gay man and it worked pretty much just like on a straight man.
  • There's an issue with Bo's name. The woman that raised her (and the town she grew up in) knew her as "Beth" but when we meet her, she's already going by Bo, before she meets Trick and all the others. Now if she's supposedly named after her grandmother, how does she know that before meeting anyone in her family? Did she just guess her own birth name accurately?
    • You know, that's actually entirely possible. There is often a bit of magic/mystery when it comes to the True Name of TheFairFolk
      • She notes early on somewhere that all she had was a baby photo of herself with the name 'Bo' written on the back of it. She used the name that was on the photo assuming it was her birthname.
    • In "Raging Fae", she tells Kenzi how she learned she was adopted. She accidentally killed a guy losing her virginity and told her parents about it. They told her she was adopted and gave her the photo with her name on the back, saying that was all they knew.
  • What happens if a male Dark Fae is elected their leader? The Ash is gender-neutral, but The Morrigan specifically refers to a Goddess.
    • Maybe it's always a woman?
    • The male leader could just take a title that the Dark Fae see as equivalent. Perhaps it's like seeing a kingdom for the first time led by a Queen, and asking what happens if a male ascends to the throne. He just uses a different title for the same office.
      • Maybe The Lugus?
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    • As Vex became The Morrigan in season 4, it seems they are still "The Morrigan" if they're male.
  • Does anyone else feel the end of 3.03, ConFaegon, was a bit bizarre? We had Kenzi holding off the pigs for an extended period of time with the Staff of Righteousness, and then the moment Bo returns to normal she defeats them on an off-screen Curb-Stomp Battle. Granted, we know she's strong, but if Kenzi fought them for that long without doing any appreciable damage, it's a bit weird that Bo, who's power is seduction, could defeat them so easily.
    • The writers were getting lazy or bored and just didn't care. This troper likes to imagine that Kenzi tired them out for Bo to finish them off.
    • Bo is stronger than Kenzi, and she may be a better fighter as well.
  • Also at the next episode, Bo is seen with her cell phone. How did she get it back?
    • Presumably, she got a new one.
  • Why is it a bad thing for humans to magical powers from the Fae? Because we have seen that faes have used their powers for both good and evil purposes, so why cant humans have a edge against the monsters? Both Light and Dark Faes are truly monsters from mythology and folklore that have very little respect for humans, so why do they fear humans at the final two episodes of season 3 when they basically have the powers to alter reality whenever they want to?
    • For starters, both the Light and Dark feed off of humans and would not want their prey being able to fight back. Second, calling all of them monsters is a gross oversimplification. Human morality in the strictest sense does not apply to them because they are not human. They feed on humans because that is the way the food chain works and the way Fae biology works. The difference is the Light generally do it only to survive and frown upon killing when unnecessary. Third, the end of Season 3 is the perfect example of why they do not trust humans with their abilities. A human psychopath was worse than any Dark Fae shown so far abused their power. The Dark and Light Fae both exist in small numbers and balance each other out. Humans in the show and throughout history have shown themselves as bad if not worse than the Fae. If they were suddenly to get human powers without the centuries of checks, balances, and disciplines the Fae have developed in all likelihood it would destroy the world. Finally, they do not have the power to alter reality whenever they want. Most Fae only have longevity combined with one or two other powers. The only one able to alter reality is the Blood King and Trick has made it quite clear that he doesn't do it because it never works out the way he intends or without a negative consequence. He ended the war and it cost him his daughter. He used the blood power to save Bo and it awakened the Garuda.
    • That's not the point! Just because a humans are bad doesn't mean that they don't deserve to have powers. And don't give "We are not human" bull-crap excuse, it has been done to death with the X-Men but for good reasons. As the Morrigan acts basically like Magneto at the season final. Being human is not about their biological systems or D.N.A., to be human is about knowing the differences about right and wrong, and doing that that they good or bad. And like you said, THEY FEED OFF HUMANS!!! I think that gives humans the right to be afraid of them. Trick is excused of this because he does good. But Bo's type of Fae should never be taken lightly, she's a succubus fyi a demon rapist damn it! How come nobody mentions a incubus on the show before? Both incubus and succubus are the same, so no double standards on rape.
      • No, being human is largely about biological systems and D.N.A. in a show like this where not every nonhuman creature is a monster. It is very speciesist of you to insist humans trump all other species, that everything has to obey human morals, or that the same morals apply to other lifeforms. Yes, humans have the right to be afraid of Fae. Any prey has the right to be afraid of their predator. Deer are afraid of humans. Humans are afraid of Fae. The Fae were afraid of the Garuda. Different levels of the food chain. And I told you why the Fae would not give humans their powers. Points which you did not address. Succubuses for better or worse are not human and feed on humans to survive. That is a better excuse than humans raping or killing other humans. Is it a good thing from a human standpoint? For most people no. There are other ways to survive without using their powers to violate others. Bo has survived through a combination of feeding on willing Fae and a few humans. The humans she feeds upon are willing and she does not kill them. We do not know enough about other succumbuses to know how they commonly feed. If they feed on willing participates or people that want to sleep with the without killing them and only feed enough to survive I see that as a good compromise that does not violate the human.
  • Why was the reveal that Trick is Bo's grandfather treated as such a shock? If I remember right, in the episode that explains Aife's backstory it's explicitly state that she's Trick's daughter so shouldn't the first relationship follow from the second?
  • I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)s2e02. Quick recap: Sabine(Light Fae), Hamish(Dark Fae) love each other. Hamish can go invisible. Sabine is to be hunted(boy&arrows); winner becomes the new Ash. Team Bo want to save her. Teamwork leads to Hale being one of three hunters. Besides not trying to kill Sabine, he has no effect on anything after the hunt starts. Could be replaced by a puppy chasing its tail. If Sabine can ring the bell, she is free, and the hunters disqualified from being the Ash. Sabine and Dyson near the bell, Bo and Kenzi are behind a nearby tree. Sabine runs towards the bell, the team "can't interfere" because Tradition. The douchey hunter appears. Dyson growls; Bo tells a running Sabine to run. The hunter releases his poison-tipped arrow. Invisible boyfriend invisibly deflects the arrow, so Sabine only get's impaled through the shoulder, and dies (from poison) next to the bell. Douchey hunter, now the Ash immediately threatens Bo and her Fae-independence. Lauren revives Sabine with science.
  1. Sabine and Hamish are still from opposing clans. So if the laws are sacred enough to keep a woman in prison for 80 years for loving the wrong person, and then the society is ok with hunting her as part of a ceremonial election, won't they just get in trouble again now that they're back together?
  2. It's not explicitly said if Hamish was "in on the plan", or if his appearance was a surprise.
    1. If unplanned, was the group just hoping Sabine would make it, and then maybe be able to revive Sabine if her death was only from poisoning.
    2. If planned, why was their plan so crappy?? If Sabine had reached the bell, she'd be free, and the hunter (who immediately threatens Bo) wouldn't be the Ash. Bo & Co. could have done literally something. Invisible Hamish could have done anything. Literally anything, and Sabine could've reached the bell and not have had to get arrowed.

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