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  • Bo unleashing her true powers when the lich threatened Lauren was a rather terrifying version.
  • Trick's backstory where he forced a peace between dark and light fae by writing their peace accords in his own blood.
  • Trick popping up behind the hunter of a body swapping Fae, and knocking him out with a little sleep dust.
    Trick: Try to lock me up in my own lair...
  • Kenzi showing up with a chainsaw to deal with the Norn. Made all the better by the normally arrogant old hag going from her usual cackling to pure terror.
    • And before that, The Garuda uses his powers to cause in an internal fight between Bo's team. Kenzi uses the distraction to sneak around The Garuda and hit him In the Back with her club. It doesn't work, mind you, but she gets points for trying.
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  • Lauren threatens Vex. And it works.
  • Kenzi beating the living crap out of a bunch of piggy goons with the Staff of Righteousness, and then convincing Vex to make a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Lauren of all people punching out Vex. And earlier, her finally getting sick of Kenzi's crap and calling her on it.
    • Hale telling off The Morrigan for her unlawful attack on the Light.
  • Atticus getting his long overdue revenge against Chief Hamelin. Alias The Pied Piper of Hamelin, alias The Slender Man.
  • Bo figuring out that Kenzi behaving strangely and her stories not meshing with Lauren's is a red flag, but still waiting for definitive evidence before calling it out, just in case.
    Bo: You like that, bestie? *referring to the noodles Kenzi has just eaten*
    "Kenzi": Mmm! They are so good.
    Bo: *SLAMS her up against a column by the throat* And covered in peanuts, which you are deathly allergic to. So tell me, bitch—where the hell is Kenzi?
  • Tamsin displaying her Fae powers for the first time in "The Kenzi Scale". She actually makes Dyson back away in total fear.
    • And she didn't actually do a thing, just looked super scary.
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  • Dyson winning his forced cagefight in "Hail, Hale" by ripping his opponents throat out..
  • Several moments from "Those Who Wander".
    • The epic Catfight between Bo and Tamsin.
    • Dyson informing the unlucky Big Bad that Lauren fused his DNA with a cabbit. The only courtesy he gives him is a head start. This probably counts as an awesome moment for Lauren as well.
    • Vex making his glorious return from abroad, and twirling The Morrigan around like a puppet.
  • "In Memoriam". Three words: Snake Monster Sulu
  • Bo railing off against Cleo near the end of "Lovers, Apart".
    Bo: Dying with a smile on your face. Far too kind a fate for you.
  • In "Turn to Stone", Lauren gives her Fae captors a "Reason You Suck" Speech, breaks free of her chains (having picked the locks long ago), and tells them exactly what's going to happen.
    • Tamsin showing off the wicked wings that come with her last life.
  • The Dance-Off (Of Death) for ownership of Bruce in "Let The Dark Times Roll", crossing over into Funny Moment with Tamsin's (lack of) dance skills.
  • "Le Fae Epoque" gives us Kung-Fu Trick, kicking ass with his Bo-staff.
  • Bo with assistance from Reynard, killing the Unamens in "Waves. Ultimately a bad thing? Yes. But very satisfying to see.
    • Lauren defeating the Mermaids. With tap water.
  • "End of a Line" Kenzi stands up to her abusive mother and tells her to get the hell out of her life.
    • Hale beating the ever loving hell out of Masimo for beating on Kenzi, and blasting him with a Super Siren Shriek. Shame he had that twig...
  • "Origins" Lauren turning the Morrigan into a human. And when she gets insulting, Lauren punches her in the face.
  • Many in "Dark Horse."
    • Tamsin's Quit Your Whining speech to Bo.
    • Dyson, Trick, and Tamsin holding off the armies of the damned.
    • Bo, with help from Lauren, killing Massimo.
    • Bo warns that Lauren that her ability to turn Fae into humans will have them all gunning for her. And Lauren's response is a dead-cool "Let 'em try." It's not even confidence that Bo will protect her, it's confidence that she can handle it.
    • Kenzi's Dying Moment of Awesome.

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