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  • How was Sydney able to seduce her mom's boyfriend and sleep with him while using her mother's body? If she switched back to herself mid-coitus, wouldn't she have instantly switched bodies with the boyfriend since she was contact?
    • Who's to say she didn't? Syd's description of the events only tells us that her mother rushed into the restroom almost immediately after the switch ended and that everyone was screaming.
    • Season 2 shows some of the event. The boyfriend's screaming insistence that "nothing happened" seem to suggest that they weren't touching when she switched back. She might have pulled away just beforehand.
  • The device Farouk got from Division 3 that he uses to to turn Amy’s body into Lenny so she can inhabit it: Just why would they have such a horrifying device?
    • This could be the means the Eye used to masquerade as Rudy near the end of season 1. Since Walter is (presumably) not a telepath, there was no swapping of consciousnesses, he just used transmogrify himself into Rudy's form.
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  • In the Season 2 finale, Cary briefly touches Syd's bare elbow with his bare hand, and they do not switch bodies. This is presumably a mistake by the actor that was not caught or deemed trivial by the showrunners.
  • So... what the hell was the minotaur?

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