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The series' penchant for using plenty of ‘70s and alternative rock music is pretty significant, especially how it complements the quirky feeling of the series.

  • "Happy Jack" by The Who is used in the opening act of "Chapter 1", introducing us to David's entire life dealing with schizophrenia and eventual suicide attempt. This very song plays again in the show's final scene with an infant David in the crib, but in a hopeful future where he'll get the parental love he always needed.
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  • "She's a Rainbow," by The Rolling Stones, used during David and Syd's awkwardly cute love montage and Charles and Gabrielle's escape from the asylum.
  • "Up The Beach," by Jane's Addiction, during David's psychic burst in the interrogation room.
  • A very gothic Robert Plant cover of Low's 'Monkey' is used in David's Halloween flashback and the meeting with "The World's Angriest Boy In The World".
  • "The Daily Mail" by Radiohead during David's horrific and bloody rampage at Division Three's headquarters while he is under Lenny's control.
  • "Oh! You Pretty Things" by Lisa Hannigan is the soothing music that plays after Syd's sleeping with Lenny's headphones in the illusory Clockworks, and Cary rescues her using Oliver's diving suit.
  • In "Chapter 7", Oliver conducts a gentle version of Ravel's Boléro as he attempts to form a shield around David and Syd which then becomes an epic version as David busts out of his cell in the fake asylum and Kerry and Syd deal with Lenny.
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  • In "Chapter 8", a mix of "Speak to Me," "Breathe" and "On The Run" from The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd plays when they're trying to erase the Shadow King's entity from David's mind in a very mind blowing scene.
  • At the end of Chapter Eight, "Children of the Revolution" by T. Rex plays while Oliver drives under the Shadow King's influence, ending the first season in a powerful tone.
  • Noah Hawley himself performs a dark, ominous rendition of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" in the final scene of the season 2 premiere.
  • Bon Iver's warm, jangly and ethereal "Over Soon" is the perfect soundtrack for a flashback to Syd's childhood.
  • As David wanders through the endless loop of Syd's memories, we hear a slower, trippier cover of Cream's "White Room" that perfectly conveys how painful and lonely Syd's life was.
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  • The Velvet Underground's "Heroin" plays softly in a very desolated scene, after Lenny's comeback and interrogation, while Farouk and Oliver are driving in the desert.
  • Hawley again does a haunting cover, this time "Don't Come Around Here No More" to accompany the reveal that Lenny is now in Amy's body.
  • "Behind Blue Eyes" is performed by the actors themselves during David and Farouk's Battle in the Center of the Mind in the Season 2 finale, perfectly encapsulating David's character arc in the process.
  • As David positions all of his allies in Chapter 16, the driving, psychedelic beat of The Black Angels' "Comanche Moon" really gets you revved up for a climactic battle.
  • "Something For Your M.I.N.D." by Superorganism being used in the first episode of season 3, doubly made so by the band themselves performing it as guest characters.
  • The Beta Band's "Squares", played during the stop-motion sequence of Farouk, Kerry, and Clark fighting the Time Demons, and David living up to his name showing off his omnipotence against one.
  • David's brainwashing Cary by pretending to be Kerry and dancing with him is set to Traffic's "Heaven Is in Your Mind".
  • David's cover of "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding" by Nick Lowe, leading all the main characters (plus a few Vermillion robots) in song, including the dead characters such as Lenny, Syd, Clark, and Farouk, who's stuck in the Time Between Time.
  • David and Gabrielle's cover of Mother by Pink Floyd is an emotional song that's fit for the Grand Finale of Legion.

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