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Episode 1

  • The slow-motion audio at the end of David's sentence, "Needles are not necessary!"
  • Lenny's whimsical delivery of, "Oooo, I like her! I like you. You got what the kids these days call moxie!" and "Why are the hots ones always so crazy?"
  • David and Syd walk together holding a strip of cloth, but they're briefly unable to make any progress when they try to go in different directions. David, being a good boyfriend, ends up following Syd where she wants to go.
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  • The baby pink tuques/beanies of the technicians who set up the machine to measure David's brain waves look extremely silly.
  • This exchange between David and the interrogator.
    Interrogator: (in disbelief) You're saying after you've entered the body of a woman and escaped from a mental hospital where all the patients have magically been sealed inside of their rooms, you think you saw me getting out of a car?
    David: (beat) Well, you don't have to be a dick about it, and yes, it was you.
  • Amy nervously removing the gardening tools from the basement after he accidentally shatters his lamp with this powers.
  • Lenny's "ghost"/psychic projection/stolen personality giving David grief over his Man, I Feel Like a Woman moment when he first swapped bodies with Syd.
  • The dance sequence in the third act, after David's powers fully awaken and he's gassed. It comes completely out of nowhere, has nothing to do with the plot, and is so utterly insane you can't help but to laugh at its absurdity.
    • Even funnier is that the dance is fucking awful, as it's a horribly choreographed and laughably stereotypical Bollywood dance set to French music.
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  • Sydney's and David's Love Confession, which gets interrupted by a nearby explosion:
    Syd: I came back for you. I love you. Okay?
    David: Okay. (stares at her with a goofy grin for several seconds)
    Syd: (becomes impatient) Are you going to say it, too?
    David: I love you.

Episode 2

  • Bird and the others rescue Syd in David's body. They don't realize this until they get "him" into the car and their bodies switch back.
    Syd: ...Surprise?
  • The claustrophobia of David being stuck in an MRI machine can be Nightmare Fuel inducing. He fidgets... and fidgets... then wonks his head on the ceiling of the machine.
    David: Oh, COME ON!!
  • Lenny tries to pawn a stolen oven to a drug dealer for some drugs. Her sales pitch is golden.
    Lenny: The stove is the utility player of the modern home. You can cook with it, heat a room with it, you can read by it. Some of your finer poets even knocked themselves off with the old head-in-the-oven scenario.
    Dealer: You saying I should kill myself?
    Lenny: Dude, I don't care what you do with it. I'm just trying to trade a kitchen range for some drugs, that's all.

Episode 3

  • When Cary is preparing David for a new test.
    Cary: Just don't break everything this time, okay?
    David: I'm not promising that.
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  • After David admits to Syd that he felt up her body when they were body-swapped, Syd hand motions that she uh, polished his Gambit staff while in his body. She was just joking... we think.

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • While the Summerland mutants are inside David's childhood home, all sound is cancelled. Cary discovers this later than the others, and shouts what is very clearly 'Motherfuck!' to see if it works. Melanie just shakes her head with a 'How are you still a child at your age?' expression.

Episode 6

  • In Clockworks, Cary / Kerry think that Syd is talking nonsense and we get this gem;
    Cary: (Nods in Syd's direction) Clozapine.note 
    Kerry: Or Effexornote , in large doses.
    Cary: (Nods) Yeah...

Episode 7

  • In a bit of a meta example David ends up conversing with a personification of his 'logical self', which prompts him to use a truly terrible faux-British accent. Logical!David uses Dan Steven's own, natural British accent to call him out on this.
  • After twenty years in the Astral Plane, Oliver's memories are fragmented. Among other things, he's convinced that his wife was Chinese.
    Oliver: Japanese, then?
    Cary: Definitely not Asian in any way.

Episode 8

  • Clark arrives at the retreat with dozens of Division 3 soldiers. They completely surround the mutants, and Clark says that he has much to talk to David about, then orders the soldiers to kill everyone else. David telekinetically breaks their guns, then stacks them in a human tower with no visible effort despite their loud struggles. Only Clark is left untouched, at which point he realizes how completely outclassed he is.
    David: You're right. We do have a lot to talk about.
    Clark: ...shit.

Episode 9

  • Cary shows David the amplification chamber he's going to be submerged in so he can locate Farouk, which contains a mixture of fancy scientific chemicals...and strawberry extract, in case he accidentally swallows any. David then points out that they're basically putting him inside a giant daiquiri.
  • Cary tells explains that in order for the amplification chamber to work to its maximum efficiency while he's submerged, David is going to have to strip naked. Seconds later, Kerry emerges as if she had been waiting eagerly for that moment.

Episode 11

  • After Kerry is switched to being the main body of the duo, it turns out she's never actually eaten anything before... or dealt with the consequences of it.
    • This is even funnier when one remembers from Season One when Cary mentioned that he did all the "boring stuff" and you realize he was being literal.
  • Lenny casually attempting to kill herself several times in the background while David and Farouk are talking. Especially when she shoots herself in the head but only bubbles come out. Even funnier when you realize this episode aired only a few weeks before Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Every single appearance of the cow.
    Cary: (very seriously, to the cow) Don't touch anything.
    Cow: (moos)

Episode 15

Episode 20

  • After Jia-yi correctly guesses the name of the Pregnant Virgin at the laundromat, the staff, played by the band Superorganism, suddenly launch and sing their song, "Something for Your M.I.N.D." while Jia-yi stands there looking utterly baffled.
    • During the song, Jya-yi climbs in a plastic tube, looking absolutely baffled as it seems to cross the ocean.
  • In general, David's cult and Lenny not even bothering to pretend that it isn't, well, a cult.
  • Cary is putting the final preparations for Robot!Ptonomy, as Kerry complains that she's hungry and wants to get lunch, leading to this exchange:
    Cary: I still have to test his reflexes.
    Kerry: (punches Ptonomy in the face, causing him to crumple to the floor) Slow!

Episode 21

  • Kerry and Cary exchange clothes, then they start dancing. And Kerry wants to lead, thank you very much.


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