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Headscratchers / L.O.L. Surprise!

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  • Is Pink Baby a parody of Grease’s Pink Ladies, the singer P!nk, or a Mean Girls character?
  • Why doesn’t the rest of Bhaddie’s family turn green like she does?
  • Why do Thrilla and Riptide look almost the same?
  • Are Tinz and Dancebot actual cyborgs or just dressed like them?
  • Why does Beatnik Babe’s umpire outfit make her look more like a soccer referee?
  • Why does Lady Diva have neon green hair instead of white like her sisters?
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  • Why are the toddler dolls the same size as most of the pets?
  • Why do the Biggie Pets “give birth” to babies outside their species (I.e. a cat “giving birth” to a hamster)?
  • Who is Steezy supposed to be a parody of?

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