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YMMV / L.O.L. Surprise!

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  • Creepy Cute:
    • Dusk, Spice, Bhaddie, Midnight’s family, and the Spooky Club dolls.
    • Nightfall gets heavy metal corpsepaint as his color change.
    • Spicy Kid has dark eye circles, bat wings, and a lip ring. His pet hamster, Spicy Ham, has bat wings as her color change.
    • Leather has a rib cage as his color change. He is also loosely based on Edward Scissorhands.
    • The Bigger Surprise box comes with two skeleton masks.
    • Sleepy Bones wears skeletal pajamas. Her big sister, Chillax, has earrings that look like something out of a Tim Burton movie.
  • Squick:
    • The fact that the infant/toddler characters are in Stripperific outfits and wear fishnet stockings and leather can be very offputting to some.
    • Some of the color changing dolls get flowers where their nipples would be.
    • The boy dolls are anatomically correct.
    • The outfits have hospital gown-esque slits on the back. It gets worse when you realize most of the dolls don’t have painted-on leggings.
    • Country Critter’s blacklight surprise makes her look like roadkill.
    • Lil Thrilla comes with a brain-shaped purse.
    • Many of the dolls “pee”.
    • Some of the pets “fart” bubbles.
    • The litter boxes have doll shoes and accessories hidden in them. The lid can be removed to stamp poop shapes into the litter.
    • The Hair Vibes dolls come with removable hair plates that attach to their Velcro “brains”.

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