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Headscratchers / Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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Headscratcher pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Lasso of Truth 
  • Why didn't Diana use the Lasso of Truth to free her friends?
    • When Constantine frees Wonder Woman, the process takes several precious seconds and leaves both Diana and himself vulnerable. Given that Diana was fighting all the Furies simultaneously, she simply did not have an ideal opportunity to use the Lasso on them. Presumably, she intended to knock them out first before trying to release them from Darkseid's control.

    Nightwing recovery 
  • What are the odds that Nightwing could have eventually recovered sanity?
    • Close to zero. Ignoring Ra's, the only other characters in this continuity to have bathed in the Lazarus Pit were Talia and the Riddler, and in both instances the subject suffered drastic and permanent changes to their psychological states. The former turned cold and sociopathic, whereas the latter became far more unhinged and sadistic. Additionally, these two characters were exposed to the Pit either seconds after their demise (Talia) or while they were still alive (Riddler). Dick was dead for who knows how long before Damian could transport his body, resulting in him coming back as an empty shell.

    John Stewart's Attempted Recharge 
  • Perhaps someone more familiar with Green Lantern lore could give an answer on this, but if John Stewart HAD managed to recharge his ring via the Central Power Battery on Oa, would it have made a difference? Does that battery in particular grant any sort of boost in power, or heal wounds? Or was it just a valiant effort that would've ended in an inevitable second curbstomp?
    • Recharging direct from the battery is sometimes portrayed as giving a dramatic power boost- as in, temporarily reaching near-Ion-host levels of power. Admittedly, not always, but I suspect that's what they were going for. I'm not sure that it would have helped in this case, as DCNu Darkseid appears to be basically Godzilla, but it would have at least given John a fighting chance.
    • Recharging the ring would have given a power boost, and John Stewart is possessed with unlimited will. Unfortunately the new 52 films state that even if you've got great will, unless you're able to think fast and strategize effectively it won't do any good. In Justice League War, Batman was able to get the drop on Jordan easily - that's what he did with John.

    Where did Superman's costume come from? 
  • Clark was dressed in civilian clothing while on Earth up until he dons a Lexosuit before heading to Apokolips. When Darkseid destroys the suit, it looks like Clark isn't wearing anything underneath it. When Clark breaks free of Trigon's possession, he suddenly materializes the Superman suit. Uh, what? Where in the hell did it come from?
    • Magic... for some reason that raises more questions than answers.
      • Yes, magic. Plus, it seemed like Clark was wearing the remains of his Superman suit all along, so it would have been easy for it to be reconstructed fully through magic.

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