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Heartwarming / Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Just because this film has a ton of dark and depressing moments doesn't mean there's no heartwarming moments in there.

  • Every moment with Damian and Raven. Ever since Justice League vs. Teen Titans, there have been Ship Tease moments between them and now we see them come together.
    • After Raven teleports Superman and Constantine to the League of Assassins' base to recruit Damian and after fighting off the assassins, Damian comes in and stops everyone before one of the assassins was about to kill Raven. When Raven sees Damian for the first time in two years, she's so stunned to see how mature he looks that she greets him with a little "Hi". Damian is furious to see Superman here but when Raven passes out in front of him, he catches her and carries her inside. His concern for Raven outweighs his anger for Superman, and he lets them inside.
    • When Raven teleports everyone to Stryker's Island and she drops to her knees from wearing herself out, Damian helps her up and assists her with her walking, which makes her smile. When Damian and Raven are alone in the infirmary, Raven believes Damian thinks she's weak because of her difficulty trying to prevent Trigon from breaking free, but Damian assures her that she's one of the strongest people he knows. Raven apologizes for not going with him when he asked her to lead the League of Assassins with him, but Damian takes his mask off and lets her know that he didn't ask her to join because she's a good fighter but because he had feelings for her, which surprises Raven. Damian assumes she left him because she didn't feel the same way and he believes she made the right decision, but Raven clarifies that she left him because Trigon wanted to kill him if she didn't free him and she didn't want to take that chance. After hearing this, Damian holds Raven's hand, which makes her smile and then he smiles back at her.
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    • When Lex Luthor throws Damian against a pillar, this infuriates Raven who unleashes her demonic side and uses her powers to rip apart Luthor's mech suit and nearly crushed him to death before Superman stopped her.
    • After Damian jumps in front of Batman to save him from Darkseid's Omega Beams and dies from it, Raven cradles his body and tells him she loves him and her tears drop on Damian's face. As she holds him closer, she uses her powers to heal his body and revive him.
      Damian: You brought me back.
      Raven: I had to take the chance.
    • After the heroes return to Titans Tower, both of them are sitting on a rock together with Raven leaning on Damian while he has his arm around her. When Flash runs off to change the timeline, they both look at each other and share their first and last kiss together.
    • Overall, despite suffering some losses and dealing with hardships through the whole ordeal, Damian and Raven are the only ones to come out better than the others since they have each other and while the Flash's Flashpoint will erase them from their timeline, they were able to get together before they have any regrets.
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  • When Raven is about to commit suicide after her teammates were killed and she had to leave Damian to protect him from Trigon, Superman arrives just in time to stop her from doing it and gives her a hug to comfort her.
  • When a brainwashed Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Mera and Starfire nearly kill Wonder Woman, they snap out of Darkseid's mind control and are horrified at what they've become, but Diana just smiles and says they've acquitted themselves.
  • After a Trigon-possessed Superman kills Constantine and he goes to Heaven, he's reunited with Zatanna, who revealed she had to pull some strings for him to get into Heaven in the first place. She apologizes to Constantine for putting a compulsion spell on him to make him flee while she died, and he forgives her and at least they can be together. However, Zatanna tells him that destiny won't allow that to happen because he still needs to help the others, and they both kiss one last time.
  • Mixed with a Tear Jerker, Lois and her crew know full well they won't survive so she tries to contact Superman one last time. While this is happening, Trigon possessed Superman's body and is fighting Darkseid at the moment so Batman has Cyborg transmits Lois' message for everyone to see. When Superman sees Lois she tells him they can't be together, he needs to be strong, and she loves him just before blowing up the building they're in to kill all the Paradooms. This is enough for Superman to break Trigon's control over him and return to his normal, powered self.
    • Also during their last stand, King Shark gives his last words, and the only ones he says that aren't, "King Shark is a shark," to Captain Boomerang:
  • Despite all the trouble and stress he put Raven through, deep down, Trigon still cares about his daughter. After Raven and Constantine liberate him from the Omega Beam prison that Darkseid had entrapped him in earlier, he makes time in the middle of his fight with Darkseid to tell Raven that freeing him was a wonderful gift and wishes her well. Raven in turn bids her father a somber goodbye before she escapes Apokolips — the sincerity of the entire exchange hints that despite everything, Raven and Trigon did feel a familial bond with each other after all.
  • A small one, but Constantine not wanting to leave Cyborg to die and asking him to download his memory into something else, probably as a vain excuse to save him. When Cyborg makes it clear that there is simply no way, all Constantine can somberly do is wish Cyborg luck in his suicide mission and leaves with everyone.
  • Although he'd promised never to use the Lazarus Pit, Damian uses it to revive Nightwing, who was killed by a Paradoom, which results in Nightwing becoming insane. When Raven berates Damian for this:
    Damian: He was my brother, I had to take the chance.
  • Despite Nightwing going insane from the Lazarus Pit and Starfire's conversion to a cyborg abomination, they're still together in the end at Titans Tower, with Nightwing resting his head on Starfire's lap.


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