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Fridge / Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Darkseid making Batman his lackey is not just a form of irony, but a very clever move. Batman is the smartest and most pragmatic and thus ruthless member of the Justice League, doing the smart thing and staying steps ahead of others to make up for having no super abilities. Having someone who can spot flaws for enemies to exploit is a great advantage.
    • Besides, Batman has always walked the narrow line between justice and vengeance. It may have been easy for Darkseid to push him across that line.

Fridge Horror

  • If Flash has succeeded in preventing all the destruction, then that would mean Darkseid and Trigon would no longer be trapped in the other dimension. Worse, what if Darkseid retains his memories? Since in the comics, the Fourth Worlds exist in another dimensional plane separate from the main DCUnote . And he tries to conquer Earth again anyway, this time out of spite and petty vengeance for his defeat and destroying Apokolips.
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  • It's hinted that Eobard Thawne may not have died in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. It's possible Thawne was outside the New 52 timeline when Flash undid Darkseid's destruction, which means that version of Thawne could return in a future movie.
  • Darkseid having Batman use what is presumably the Mobius Chair should give those who were wondering where is New Genesis in all this an answer. And it is not a good one.
  • John's Green Lantern Ring just drops to the ground instead of flying off to find a new bearer after his death. There are two possible reasons why that would happen and both paint how bleak the situation the universe is in. It is possible that both reasons might not even be mutually exclusive:
    • With the Guardians and Central Power Battery dead and destroyed respectively, the Rings themselves became inert. Any Green Lanterns who weren't killed on Oa spontaneously lose their powers. Those that were in the middle of empty space spontaneously died from the cold and inability to breathe.
    • Darkseid has conquered so much of the universe that there is no one in the universe with the strength of will to act as an alternative bearer.

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