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Headscratchers / The Death of Superman

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  • This is for the animated movie, but how in the hell is Luthor not actually locked up in prison? Yeah, he's under house arrest, but he led a very public attack by the Legion of Doom on the Hall of Justice at the start of Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I don't care how rich you are, that should have gotten him prison terms!
    • You'll be surprised how "it was an evil clone" excuse worked for Lex, even more surprised by the times when it's true.
    • Also, how was he not implicated in the Intergang crimes after he showed up to fight Doomsday in a mecha seemingly made of the same alloy as the Intergang suits?
  • Also for the movie: how did Aquaman lose? When Orm used the trident in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, he manhandled the entire League with even more ease than Doomsday did in this movie, so why didn't its magic put down Doomsday like it did Superman?
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  • Movie: Superman had to leave his 2 p.m. lunch date with Lois before they had even ordered their food so he could go fight Doomsday. Despite the fact that Doomsday was just outside Metropolis when Superman took off on Lois, when Superman arrived on the scene in Metropolis, it was dusk, and very quickly became night.
  • Another for the movie: While discussing Clark's romantic history, Ma Kent talks about Lana and how she only came over once in a while; then mentions a boy named Pete Ross, who came over every day, with Pa Kent adding that he "always wondered about that boy"; before going on to bring up Lori Lemaris. Given Ma's conversation is supposed to be about romantic interests, and the fact he falls between two canon flames, did Ma and Pa Kent imply that Clark had a relationship with Pete? Or at the very least imply Pete was Ambiguously Gay?
    • Pa is indeed speculating that Pete may have had an attraction to Clark in this continuity.
  • Where was Shazam? Batman called for ALL members of the Justice League. They couldn't even give a throwaway line about him being in some magic dimension or something?
    • No Watsonian reason exists. The Doylist reason is that WB Animation has forgotten Billy exists (he's still absent in the sequel!).

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